10 Quick and Beautiful Winter Crafts for Kids

10 Quick and Beautiful Winter Crafts for Kids

10 Quick & Beautiful Winter Crafts for Kids

Winter leads to thoughts of falling snow, building snowmen, sledging and evenings spent in front of a roaring fire. Though from where I sit right now it is just raining and raining 🙂 If like me there is not a snowflake in sight there is no excuse not to explore these wonderful winter crafts. 

You will find crafts for icicles, slime, snowflakes, snow globes, bird feeders and paintings. Each activity has easy to follow instructions, some even have step-by-step video guides. You can find affiliate links under each craft description for important supplies.

You can also find a roundup of wonderful winter picture books. Some take you from autumn to winter and describe hibernation. Others explore characters dealing with winter from the funny to the more realistic. 

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Beautiful Winter Crafts for Kids​

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Stunning Sparkly Icicle Craft

This simple but sparkly winter craft by Kids Craftroom makes a wonderful decoration in the classroom or at home. They can be displayed for Christmas and on into the rest of winter.

Homemade Snowflake Slime

Little Bins for Little Hands has several recipes for slime and describes the science behind how slime works. So as well as celebrating winter with this fun activity you can explore chemistry concepts too! Make the slime and add your own winter decorations… there are so many variations!

Quilled Paper Tube Snowflake Craft

Art Craft Kids describes how to quill - rolling strips of paper glued together to create decorative designs. This tutorial shows you how to create a quilled paper snowflake using paper tubes. This is a creative and new way to make a snowflake. You can explore colours and designs to make unique snowflakes just like in nature!

Folder Paper Snowflakes Ornament

I love origami! Kitchen Table Classroom demonstrates how to fold paper into this unique paper snowflake. The instructions show you step by step how to design a beautiful and intricate ornament.

Build a Snowflake Tinker Tray

This Build A Snowflake Tinker Tray from Paper and Glue is a wonderful idea!. Leave out a variety of materials so children can play, explore and of course thinker with them. Let the creativity flow!

Snowy Day Tissue Paper Art

Snowy Day Tissue Paper Art is a wonderful process art project for kids at school or home. Fireflies and Mud Pies demonstrates how to use bleeding tissue paper to a create colourful design using snow. Take children outside to collect snow to use in this creative project. Children will love watching the colours swirl as the snow melts on the tissue paper.

Pine Cone Bird Feeder

Natural Beach Living demonstrates how to create a warming, winter treat for the birds. This fun and sticky activity provides food for birds and children will love watching to see which species come for a treat.

Snowy Woods Art

The Crafty Crow takes us through how to create this atmospheric winter woodland scene. It reminds me of the art in The Tea Party in the Woods by Akiko Miyakoshi

Shredded Paper Snowman

What a creative way to recycle old paper! Using shredded paper Housing Forest shows us step by step how to make this 3D snowman.

Easy Snow Globe That Doesn't Leak!

Pint-Sized Treasures has a foolproof way of making a snow globe that will not leak. This example adds glitter and snowflakes but you could add all sorts of fun things and make globes for anytime of the year.

I would love to know if you tried any of these wonderful craft activities. Let me know in the comments.

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10 Quick & Beautiful Winter Crafts for Kids
10 Quick and Beautiful Winter Crafts for Kids
10 Quick & Beautiful Winter Crafts for Kids

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