8 Amazing New Year’s Eve Activities for Kids

8 Amazing New Year Activities for Kids

8 Amazing New Year's Eve Activities for Kids

New Year’s Eve is a special time. We get to reflect on the year just past and also think ahead to what we want for the future. Below, you will find crafts and activities to celebrate New Year’s Eve and the year ahead. Each activity has easy to follow instructions, some even have step-by-step video guides. You will find affiliate links under each craft description for important supplies.

The new year often means a new start and people all over the world celebrate in different ways. Fireworks are a common way to celebrate but I have listed some unusual traditions.

New Year’s Eve Traditions Around the World

  • In Ecuador, they burn paper filled scarecrows and photographs from the previous year to gain good fortune.
  • Tradition in Denmark involves smashing old crockery against the doors of family and friends to bring good luck.
  • In Scotland “first-footing” involves being the first person to cross a home’s threshold after midnight.
  • Estonians eat a lucky number of meals, either seven, nine, or 12 times to ensure abundance for the coming year.
  • In Bolivia, they place coins into baked sweets. If you find the coin, you will have good luck for the year ahead.
  • Brazilians visit the beach and jump seven waves in the new year to bring luck. They also eat lentils for good fortune.
  • Buddhists in Thailand celebrate New Year around April. They throw water on each other to wash away any bad luck.
  • The Finnish predict the future by melting a special metal then placing it in cold water and interpreting the resulting shapes
  • In Spain, the tradition is to place 12 grapes in your mouth at midnight to ensure 12 lucky months in the year ahead.
  • Romanians dress up as a dancing bear to chase away evil spirits. They also throw spare change into a river for good luck.
  • Junkanoo is a traditional New Year celebration in the Bahamas where dancers and musicians parade down local streets.
  • To drive away evils spirits, Puerto Ricans throw buckets of water out of their windows.
  • People like to start the new year by throwing away unwanted furniture in South Africa.
  • To guarantee an adventurous year Colombians spend New Year’s Eve carrying an empty suitcase.
  • At Buddhist temples across Japan, they strike bells 108 times. This relates to the Buddhist’s belief we are born with 108 sins and ringing the bell dispels any negativity.

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New Year's Eve Activities for Kids

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Pop-Up Homemade Firework Craft

Fireworks are a big part of celebrating the new year. This pop-Up firework craft from Kids Craft Room lets children act out the sights, movements and colours of a firework display. You can use this craft for other celebrations, including Bonfire Night, 4th of July etc,.

Cupcake Liner Fireworks Crafts

A Little Pinch of Perfect made this colourful firework display from cupcake holders. Children can create a vivid and vibrant piece of artwork by using different coloured cupcake liners. You can also add glitter for a bit of firework sparkle!

New Year's Eve Activities for Kids to Countdown

The OT Toolbox shows how to create this simple activity that helps children understand the passage of time and count backwards. After completing the chain children tear off one chain every hour on New Year’s Eve.

Wishing Wall Activity

Buggy and Buddy gets children in the mood for thinking about the year ahead. Sit down with your family and create wishes for the new year. Encourage them to think about how they could improve their own life and those of others. It shouldn't be a task on requesting material items.

Painting Fireworks

If you want to recycle some of the waste from Christmas Learning 4 Kids has a great idea. Use the leftover cardboard rolls from Christmas wrapping paper to create a colourful firework display, Cut the roll into different lengths and sizes to add variety to the artwork.


New Year’s Eve Party Slime

Who doesn’t love slime! Left Brain Craft Brain has created a sparkly recipe for slime. Fill it with any kind of confetti and glitter and match the slime to any celebration throughout the year.

Celebration Playdough Recipe for Kids

Another great activity from Buggy and Buddy. Homemade playdough is a great sensory activity for children of all ages. Add glitter and confetti for a bit of sparkle and use cookie cutters for different shapes.

New Year’s Eve Time Capsule

The Idea Room has a great idea for a new family tradition. Every family members can add their own special memories into the jar. My sister does something similar with a memory jar. Memories are written on strips of paper and at Christmas, everyone pulls out one to read and remember

Mason Jar

Let me know in the comments how you celebrate the New Year. Do you follow any of the traditions mentioned above? Or do you have your own family traditions?

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8 Amazing New Year Activities for Kids
8 Amazing New Year Activities for Kids
8 Amazing New Year Activities for Kids

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