8 Reassuring Back to School Picture Books

8 Reassuring Back to School Picture Books

8 Great Books to Ease Back Into School
Many of my international school teacher friends are already going back to school. And soon many others will be back at work preparing for the new school year. Starting school is a momentous time in a child’s life. Reassure them about what to expect in new situations with these great books. Use them to discuss back to school routines and that it is okay to feel uncertain in new surroundings. Some of the books are about starting at a new school. Others relate to some of the difficulties children face going back to school.
I have added a few helpful articles for parent and teachers about the start of the a new school year.

Back to School Information for Parents

Back to School Teaching Resources

Great Back to School Picture Books

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Going back to school or starting at a new school is not east for many children. What picture books do you use to help all your students settle into the classroom?  Let me know in the comments below.

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8 Great Books to Ease Back Into School

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