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Unlocking Curiosity: Ada Twist, Scientist Activities for Literacy Learning

Ada Twist, Scientist ignites a spark within the classroom, transforming it into an environment where curiosity leads the way to discovery. Each section of this post aims to nurture thinkers and problem solvers who aren’t afraid to ask “why?” and “how?”. From character analysis to real-life problem-solving scenarios, these Ada Twist Scientist activities are designed to ignite curiosity and foster persistence in your students.

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Ada Twist, Scientist Summary

The Ada Twist, Scientist book introduces your students to Ada Twist, a young girl with an insatiable curiosity about the world around her.

Starting to speak at the age of three, Ada’s endless questions about “why,” “what,” “how,” and “when” showcase her desire to understand the complexities of the world. 

Ada sets out to discover the source of a pungent smell, devises a hypothesis and conducts experiments.

She tests the cabbage stew, almost puts the cat in the washing machine, and writes her ideas on the Great Thinking Wall.

Ada’s frazzled parents realise their daughter is a scientist and nurture her inquisitive nature and obvious talents.

They help Ada believe she can do anything, including using her scientific traits to track down the horrible stench.

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Ada Twist, Scientist Activities

Ada is not just any character; she’s a symbol of inquiry, perseverance, and scientific thought – exactly the kind of role model our students need. Through her adventures, Ada demonstrates that asking “Why?” is just the beginning of a journey toward knowledge and discovery.

The following Ada Twist, Scientist activities  delve into Ada’s story through character analysis, inference, and sequencing exercises, learning the value of curiosity and determination.

Ada Twist, Scientist Comprehensive Questions

These Ada Twist, Scientist questions help students delve deeper into the book, including character development, plot progression, setting, and underlying themes, helping to improve their reading comprehension and critical thinking skills.

  1. How do Ada’s questions lead to more questions and discoveries?
  2. Identify a character trait of Ada’s that we can all learn from.
  3. How does the author use language to convey Ada’s curiosity?
  4. Why do you think the author wrote about a character who loves science?
  5. Do you think Ada is frightened of failure? Why or why not?
  6. What sorts of problems can we solve by adopting Ada’s habits?
  7. Can you relate to Ada’s curiosity, and how does it show in your life?
  8. Describe the problem faced by Ada and the process she went through to solve it.
  9. How would you describe Ada? What are her character traits?
  10. Ada’s curiosity caused problems in the beginning. Was her behaviour acceptable?

This activity pack includes over 90 questions to use before, during, and after reading Ada Twist, Scientist.

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Ada Twist, Scientist Cause and Effect Activities

Ada’s relentless questions naturally lead to explorations of “cause” and “effect”. Ada’s actions (causes) lead to specific outcomes (effects), and understanding this relationship is crucial for understanding the plot and Ada’s character development.

Ada’s Curiosity: Ada’s boundless curiosity drives the story forward. She continuously asks questions and conducts experiments, leading to various outcomes. This can be used to teach students that curiosity leads to learning (cause and effect). 
Activity: Have students develop their own questions about the world around them and predict what might happen if they experiment to find the answers.

Ada’s Persistence: Ada doesn’t give up even when her experiments lead to messes or trouble. This teaches the cause and effect principle that persistence can lead to solutions. 
Activity: Write about a time they persisted through a problem and the resulting outcome.

The Family’s Reactions: Ada’s family members react differently to her experiments, teaching students that the same cause can lead to different effects depending on other factors. 
Activity: Role-play students reacting differently to a common event can help them understand this concept.

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Ada Twist, Scientist Character Analysis Activities

Ada Twist, Scientist presents Ada’s character traits through her actions and reactions to various situations.

Ada’s Curiosity: Ada’s curiosity drives the story’s plot and influences her interactions. 
Activity: List all the questions Ada asks in the book, then discuss how these questions reflect her personality and affect the storyline.

Ada’s Persistence: Ada persists with experiments despite facing challenges. This trait affects the story’s events and helps students understand cause-and-effect relationships. 
Activity: Identify instances of Ada’s persistence in the book, then discuss how this persistence impacts the story.

Character Traits and Story Events: Students can explore how Ada’s character traits impact the story’s events, such as when her determination and fearlessness lead her to make discoveries. 
Activity: Map out significant story events and link them to Ada’s character traits to make connections between character traits and narrative events.

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Ada Twist, Scientist Making Connections Activities

Ada Twist, Scientist is suited for teaching ‘making connections’ as it encourages your students to link Ada’s experiences and actions with their own lives, other books they’ve read, or events in the world.

Ada’s Curiosity: Ada’s relentless curiosity about the world mirrors children’s natural curiosity, enabling students to make text-to-self connections and relate Ada’s experiences to their own. 
Activity: Write a journal entry about when their curiosity led them to learn something new.

Problem-solving Approach: Ada’s use of scientific methods to answer her questions can help students make text-to-world connections by relating these methods to solving real-world problems. 
Activity: Discuss real-life examples of problem-solving, particularly related to STEM.

Ada Twist, Scientist’s Themes: Themes of perseverance, curiosity, and the value of asking questions can help students make text-to-text connections, linking these themes to those in other books they have read. 
Activity: List other books with similar themes and discuss how the characters in those books handled situations differently or similarly to Ada.

Illustration Connections: The illustrations provide additional context that helps students make connections. For instance, students can connect the chaos in Ada’s house due to her experiments to times when their curiosity led to unforeseen outcomes. 
Activity: Draw a scene from their lives that parallels a scene from the book.

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