Appreciation Books and Resources for the Classroom

Appreciation Books and Resources for the Classroom

Scroll down to view suggested appreciation books, videos and resources related to appreciating others and the beauty around us.

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Teaching Appreciation in the Classroom

Teaching appreciation through picture books promotes the wonder and beauty we see through a book’s words and illustrations. These appreciation books also provide outstanding examples of why we should appreciate the people around us and the things they do.

Appreciation is not about grateful for a gift but the beauty around them and the people with whom they share the planet. It is important for children to understand giving expecting nothing in return.

Characteristics of an Appreciative Attitude
The characteristics of appreciation include:

  • Increased wonder about the world around them
  • Recognition of what people do for us and others
  • Express happiness more easily
  • Admire the small things
  • Observe what is going on around them
  • Value and remember those who have helped them
  • Enjoy spending time with family and friends
  • Face difficulties with courage

Key Benefits of Appreciation
There are many great reasons for having an appreciative attitude. Balanced children:

  • Increase their happiness and positive mood
  • Have a positive mindset
  • Increase their presence and engagement
  • Establish more positive relationships
  • Increase their performance and creativity
  • Inspire others to appreciate and engage

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Appreciation Books and Resources

In this section, you will find appreciation resources to support your students. You will find a list of books, short videos, online resources and reading-related questions.

Appreciation Books

This selection of books all relate to appreciation You can click on the book cover for a synopsis of the book and further resources. After the list, there is a list of questions to use during a read-aloud session.

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Appreciation Discussion Questions

  • What does appreciation look like to you?
  • What can of things you appreciate?
  • How does it make you feel to appreciate something?
  • How does it feel when someone appreciates you or things you do?
  • How does appreciation affect people and their life?
  • How does appreciation affect your community of the wider world?
  • How does appreciation affect the environment?
  • When and where do you feel more appreciated?

Online Resources

Appreciation Discussion Videos

These short videos can be used as discussion starters for talking about appreciation. Watch the video before playing them to your students. Some of them are simple while others are more complex or abstract.

Further Reading

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