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There is a Japanese proverb that literally goes 'Raise the sail with your stronger hand,' meaning you must go after the opportunities that arise in life that you are best equipped to do.

Soichiro Honda

As well as being the largest continent on earth, Asia is the most populous with over 2,000 languages. Both China and India have over a billion people while Mongolia is sparsely inhabited. Asia includes the world’s highest peak, Mount Everest, and some of the longest rivers. The geography of Asia is diverse from dry deserts to the monsoon rains and dangerous earthquakes. The continent has a diverse number of animals from monkeys, elephants, tigers and the Komodo dragon, the world’s largest living lizard. From the temples of Cambodia, Thailand and Japan, the Great Wall of China, the food of Malaysia and beauty of Indonesia Asia is one of the top tourist destinations. Find out more about this wonderful continent by reading from this great selection of books.

Asia Book List

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These resources relate to the book, author and illustrator. The number of resources varies subject to subject. Please check they are appropriate for your specific needs before using them with children. If you have any suggestions please get in touch!

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Asia Book List

Asia Book List Asia Book List Asia Book List Asia Book List

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