Homemade and Easy Book Character Costumes For Teachers

Homemade and Easy Book Character Costumes For Teachers

Struggling to think of a book character costume and need one quickly? Scroll down to be inspired by creative, homemade and easy book character costumes for teachers.

Homemade and Easy Book Character Costumes For Teachers

Thinking of Book Character Costumes for Teachers

I am sure working with young children means you have dressed up at some point, whether it is for a book character day, Halloween or curriculum topic.

Thinking of book character costumes for teachers and librarians can be overwhelming with so many characters to choose from.

Over the years I have dressed up as characters from Where’s Wally, Piggie and Gerald, Tough Boris, the Grouchy Ladybird, The Lunch Lady and many more. I worked in a wonderful kindergarten team that made costumes from scratch, often with the student’s help to inspire them to make their own costumes.

Easy Book Character Costumes For Teachers

After looking through the book character costumes below, think about who/what you want to dress up as. Will it be a real-life or fictional person, an animal, or an object? Who will enjoy being for an entire day and who will your student be excited to see you dressed up as?

Once you know your character, you now need to think about your costume. Raid your school dress-up box or have a rummage in your own wardrobe (or family and friends) for costume ideas.

Many book characters are regular people but have something distinctive about them. A specific piece of clothing or a handmade prop will highlight the essence of a character and make your costume recognisable to everyone.

Inspire Students (and Parents) to Create Homemade Book Character Costumes

Preparing your own costume and spending no money will inspire your students to do the same. Emphasize to parents that a costume doesn’t need to cost a penny.

Encourage parents to spend time with their child discussing their favourite books and characters. With adult help, children will create their own costumes by considering what and who they love reading about.

Book Character Day Activities an Graphic Organisers

Before you explore the costumes, I have made a pack of graphic organisers and activities to use on, before or after your school's book character day.

I have a freebie that is part of this larger resource so you can try it out before buying anything!

Fill in the form below to get access to the Free Resource Library.

If you already have access to the free resource library, you will find the freebie in the Seasonal section.

Creative Book Character Costumes For Teachers

I hope these wonderful costumes created by creative teachers and librarians will inspire your own costume ideas. Let me know in the comments about your favourite costume and how you go about creating yours.

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Homemade and Easy Book Character Costumes For Teachers

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