Book Gift Guide for Children

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Book Gift Guide for Children

Choosing a book as a gift can be a struggle but it is worth the effort. For me, receiving a book was always full of anticipation. You could tell by the shape it was a book, but the excitement was wondering what it would be about.
Today, there are so many amazing options when purchasing books it makes the receiving of a book even more exciting. But at the same time, it can make more difficult to choose the right book as a gift. 
With this choice in mind, I have created book lists for any gift giving occasion. Whether it is for a book lover or a reluctant reader, there will be something perfect for them. By browsing through the list you may find an unknown title by a well-loved author or something totally new. 
Each category in this book gift guide includes suggestions that cater to varied interests and reading levels. You will also find new books as well as classics. The book recommendations are separated into:
  • baby memory books
  • board books
  • beginning chapter books
  • chapter books
  • graphic novels
  • non-fiction books
  • As a bonus, I have put together some fun book related gift ideas

*Disclosure: Amazon, Book Depository buttons are affiliate links. I will earn a small percentage of any purchases made. It won’t cost you anything!

Baby Memory Books

Once completed, a baby memory book is a special gift for your child. Temper & Tantrum have complied the 7 Best Baby Memory Books. You will find a detailed review and pros and cons for each book.

Board Book Gift Ideas

This collection of fiction and non-fiction books were written for infants and toddlers. They are made from durable materials so little ones can’t cause too much damage!

Picture Book Gift Ideas​

Picture books are a wonderful way to encourage a love of reading. Reading picture books is FUN, whether by yourself or with a grown-up or friend. This collection includes gorgeous book sets to books with an accompanying soft toy. They are all accompanied by beautiful illustrations.

Beginning Chapter Book Gift Ideas​

Beginning chapter books are created for emerging independent readers. This selection includes books with limited text to ones with complex vocabulary and sentence structure. Easy-to-digest chapters break up lengthier texts. These develop patience as they can’t always be read in one session.

Graphic Novel Gift Ideas​

These box sets include some of the most popular graphic novels available. You will also find some new titles. Graphic novels support children who struggle with traditional text by promoting literacy and improving self-esteem. They improve reading development for those struggling with language acquisition. The illustrations provide contextual clues to understand the written narrative.

Chapter Book Gift Ideas​

Once a child is an independent reader they can move onto chapter books. As with the other collections the difficulty of the text varies greatly. Make sure you check this before purchasing any book. Some still have illustrations but most of them are just text with longer chapters and more complex storylines.

Non-Fiction Book Gift Ideas​

There is something for everyone within these non-fiction recommendations. As with the chapter books, research the difficulty before purchasing. Also make sure you know the interests of the child you are buying for! Non-fiction books are wonderful for answering children’s questions and strengthening vocabulary and literacy knowledge.

Book Related Gift Ideas

Finally, here are some wonderful gift ideas for a little bookworm. I had a lot of fun search for these and I am sure I will keep adding to the list. If you have any book related gift idea let me know in the comments!

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Book Gift Guide for Children Pinterest
Book Gift Guide for Children Pinterest

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