27 Picture Books about Forgiveness and Letting Go

25 Picture Books about Forgiveness and Letting Go

Discover picture books about forgiveness that promote understanding and tolerance in your classroom. They include characters learning to forgive, asking for forgiveness, letting go of grudges and seeing forgiveness as a positive action.

Using Books on Forgiveness with Children

Forgiveness is challenging for children, of course, it is difficult for many adults too! Learning to forgive and asking for forgiveness helps children form healthy relationships with family, friends and themselves. The flip side of forgiveness is the need to apologise and admit negative actions. This is also a tough situation for children who may want forgiveness but are unable or unwilling to apologise for negative actions.

Children need to see forgiveness in action to understand its power. That’s where these picture books about forgiveness come in. They show characters having to forgive others and those who find it difficult to follow through on such actions. They are also excellent discussion starters on how to negotiate challenging situations.

Key Benefits of Forgiveness

Using these books on forgiveness can help your students understand the benefits of letting go of grudges and resentment. The books illustrate that forgiveness brings:

  • Healthier relationships
  • Improved mental health
  • Reduced anxiety and stress
  • Improved self-esteem

Picture Books About Forgiveness

In this diverse collection of books on forgiveness, you will meet characters who:

  • Make a choice to forgive
  • Forgive with no expectation
  • Understand the benefits of forgiveness
  • See a situation from another person’s perspective
  • Find it challenging to forgive, but recognise its power
  • Go through a range of emotions on their journey of forgiveness
  • Have the courage to forgive despite the hurtful actions of others.

Forgiveness Discussion Starters

  • What is forgiveness? 
  • Why do we forgive? 
  • In what way did [character] forgive [character]? 
  • Why did [character] find it difficult to forgive?
  • When [character] forgave [character] were they condoning their behaviour/actions?
  • Why was it important that [character] showed forgiveness?
  • How did [character] feel after forgiving [character]?
  • How did [character] feel when they wanted to be forgiven?
  • What are the benefits of forgiving?

What Next?

Discussing forgiveness, using these books about forgiveness, can help children process their feelings and see forgiveness as a positive action. Tell me about the resources or tools you use in your classroom to teach forgiveness. In particular, let me know if you use any books on forgiveness, not on this list,

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27 Picture Books about Forgiveness and Letting Go

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