27 Picture Books about Honesty and Trust

27 Picture Books about Honesty and Trust

Explore children’s books about honesty and trust. Read about characters listening to their conscience and who understand the effects of dishonesty on others.

27 Picture Books about Honesty and Trust

Honesty in the Classroom

Telling the truth isn’t always natural for children. They know honesty is the best option, but sometimes that means disappointing an adult. Children may lie to avoid punishment or protect their friends. Teaching children to be truthful in their actions and words helps them develop healthy relationships and be seen as trustworthy.

As adults, when we know someone is honest, we can trust them, but it can take children some time to connect the two. Children are prone to exaggeration, which may seem innocent enough, but as they get older, this can lead to mistrust and related social issues. 

In a previous post, Resources for Teaching Honesty in the Classroom, I put together honest and trust books, videos and online resources. In this post, I have researched over 20 picture books you can use to promote honesty and trust in your classroom.

Picture Books about Honesty

Using these picture books about honesty in your classroom will encourage discussions about honesty. Your students will see characters who:

  • show integrity
  • are truthful and trustworthy
  • listen to their conscious
  • understand the effect of dishonesty on others
  • show loyalty and fairness
  • stand up for their beliefs
  • have healthy relationships
  • have a happier mindset

As well as these positive characteristics you will read about characters who lie, cheat and don’t think about the consequences of their actions. However, they see the error of their ways!

Following on from these book recommendations you will find a list of honesty related questions you can ask your student before, during and after reading.

Honesty Read-Aloud Questions

  • How did [character] honesty/dishonesty affect the story and the other characters? What is the evidence?
  • How would the story have changed if [character] was honest in the first place?
  • What words would you use to describe [character’s] actions?
  • Why do you think [character] was dishonest? What is the evidence?
  • How do you think [character] felt when they were lied to?
  • How do you feel when someone lies to you?
  • Explain if you think it is easier to lie or tell the truth.
  • Are some types of lies more serious than others?
  • Is there ever a time when it is okay to lie? Why?
  • What about keeping quiet rather than telling the truth?
  • Is it ever wrong to tell the truth?
  • Why do we tell the truth?
  • Why are people dishonest?

What Next?

I hope you find these honesty and trust books useful. Remember to check out Resources for Teaching Honesty in the Classroom for more information.

What books do you use to promote honesty and trust in your classroom? Add them to the comments!

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27 Picture Books about Honesty and Trust

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