Picture Books about Belonging and Identity

38 Picture Books about Belonging and Identity

These excellent picture books about belonging promote a sense of acceptance and community whether it is within our own family or the wider world.

Picture Books about Belonging and Identity

Belonging and Community in the Classroom

How will lockdowns and distance learning affect your back to school planning? I am sure creating a sense of belonging and community in your classroom is top of the list.

Fostering a sense of belonging in a classroom helps your students feel supported, respected, valued and accepted. It will also improve attention span, perseverance, mental health and positive behaviour. The suggested books about belonging will help you with this.

Picture Books about Belonging and Community

Within this list, you will find characters who move home and make new friends. Some books illustrate being yourself, family cultural identities and supportive communities, while others explore different emotions.

Beegu by Alexis Deacon

Beegu is lost on Earth. Despite her friendly nature, she finds the Earth unwelcoming, except for a litter of puppies and a group of children. Reinforces themes of acceptance, belonging, differences, friendship and loneliness.

The Boy Who Grew Flowers by Jen Wojtowicz

Rink Bowagon is ignored by his teacher and classmates because he sprouts flowers from his body. He notices the new girl wears a flower in her hair and has one leg shorter than the other, so Rink makes her a special pair of shoes. Excited, she invited him to the school dance where he discovers the flower behind her ear is just his flowers. Use to teach inferring, self-acceptance, and identity.

What Next?

How have you changed your back to school planning after Covid? How are you planning on developing a sense of belonging and community in the classroom?

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Picture Books about Belonging and Identity

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