17 of the Best Books Promoting Chinese Culture for Kids

17 of the Best Books Promoting Chinese Culture for Kids

These picture books about China are a wonderful way to promote Chinese culture for kids. They bring the culture and traditions of China alive for your students.

Chinese Culture for Kids

China is a country full of history and wonderful traditions. Read these picture books about China as a wonderful way to promote Chinese culture for kids.

Before getting to the books I have found some websites that go into more detail about how China, its culture, traditions and daily life. There are also a few videos you can use with your students.

Chinese Culture for Kids: Online Resources

For your information, National Geographic Kids has 30 interesting facts about China from the ancient to the modern. If you want to learn a few words and phrases in Mandarin try Miss Panda Chinese YouTube channel. She presents fun and engaging songs, movement and stories to learn Mandarin.

Here a few more China related resources for your classroom.

Chinese Culture for Kids: Videos

Picture Books About China

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Some of these books about China touch on Chinese New Year, however, you can also find a dedicated list of books illustrating how Chinese New Year is celebrated.

In Conclusion...

Do you use any other picture books or resources for promoting Chinese culture for kids and celebrating China and its culture and traditions? Add any recomended books, videos and activities in the comments below.

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The Children’s Library Lady has over 150 picture books on a large variety of topics. You will find book, author and illustrator information, as well as resources. You can also browse themed books lists and explore all the books on the website. 

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