31 Picture Books about Cooperation and Teamwork

31 Picture Books about Cooperation and Teamwork

Picture books about cooperation and teamwork help children see the benefits of collaboration rather than expecting to have everything on their own terms.

31 Picture Books about Cooperation and Teamwork

Books about Cooperation and Collaboration

The art of cooperation is an ongoing journey for children, all the way into adulthood. Learning to cooperate is an important skill to master, helping children develop good relationships at home and school. Successful collaboration requires your students to be respectful, caring, honest, thoughtful, reflective and open-minded.

These books about cooperation promote the benefits of collaboration. They include siblings and friends working to cooperate effectively and cover themes of harmony, compromise and being reflective.

You will see characters who:

  • work together to a common goal
  • learn to trust others through successful teamwork and collaboration
  • increase their social development and interactions
  • communicate their needs and listen to the needs of others
  • think about the perspectives of others and show empathy
  • work through conflict with others to a successful resolution
  • cooperation, compromise, fairness and sharing

Picture Books about Cooperation and Teamwork

Click, Clack, Moo Cows That Type by Doreen Cronin

Farmer Brown’s cows type him a letter demanding electric blankets. They go on strike when he refuses their demands. Duck takes an ultimatum from Farmer Brown to the cows and they agree to exchange the typewriter for the blankets. But, the next day Farmer Brown gets a note from the ducks demanding a diving board for their pond!

Questions to use with books about cooperation

  • How do you cooperate with others?
  • Why can cooperation and teamwork be difficult? What are the obstacles?
  • What characteristics did [character] have that made them a good friend?
  • What characteristics was [character] looking for in a friend?
  • Why was it important that [character] cooperated with [character]? Do you think [character] could accomplish their task by themselves?
  • What was the relationship between [character] and [character]?
  • How was [character] able to put aside their feelings towards [character] to work together? Why is it sometimes hard to cooperate??
  • In what ways did [character] depend on others?
  • How can positive relationships with others help us overcome difficult situations?
  • What characteristics make up a good/healthy/positive relationship?
  • What are the benefits of a good/healthy/positive relationship?
  • How can your actions affect a relationship with others?
  • How does (honesty, communication, empathy, etc) affect relationships with others?


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31 Picture Books about Cooperation and Teamwork

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