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25 Diverse Children’s Books with LGBTQ Characters

25 Diverse Children’s Books with LGBTQ Characters
25 Diverse Children’s Books with LGBTQ Characters

25 Diverse Children’s Books with LGBTQ Characters

These wonderfully diverse picture books with LGBTQ characters can be used with children of all ages to answer questions with understanding and empathy.

Celebrate Pride with LGBTQ Characters in Picture Books

As teachers, we will have seen diverse children and their families come through our doors. It is important that we celebrate every child under our care for who they are.

Every Children’s Library Lady book list is as diverse as possible and this one is no exception. You will find LGBTQ+ characters from different backgrounds and cultures. Some books illustrate characters happily going about their daily business, while others are more suitable for more specific conversations, including self-acceptance and identity. Many of the books are suitable for pre-school age children.

Some of the books celebrate Pride Month, its history and the people behind it. You can find out more about Pride Month along with related resources in the posts Talking to Young Children about Pride Month.

Diverse Books with LGBTQ Characters

Morris Micklewhite and the Tangerine Dress by Christine Baldacchino

At school, Morris loves dressing up in a tangerine dress but his classmates tease him. In the end, Morris helps them realise it doesn’t matter what you wear it is who you are. Promotes acceptance, bullying, gender roles, identity, and self-esteem.

In Conclusion...

I hope you enjoyed browsing these wonderfully diverse picture books with LGBTQ characters. Let their stories be heard to promote understanding and tolerance in your classroom.

If you have any further suggestions of books with LGBTQ characters and how you celebrate Pride in your school let me know in the comments below!

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