35 Picture Books to Teach Prediction

35 Picture Books to Teach Prediction

Explore picture books perfect to teach prediction. Making predictions helps your students engage with books and make connections with their own experiences and prior knowledge.

35 Picture Books to Teach Prediction

Teaching Prediction in the Classroom

Prediction is what the reader thinks will happen in the story and will be proved (or not) through continued reading. Predicting is like being a detective, using clues to figure what could happen next.

Prediction and inferring are interlinked comprehension strategies. Most predictions will be confirmed or not by continuing to read the book. Whereas, an inference is not always confirmed with further reading.

Both skills need the reader to use the clues they identify, evidence and their own prior knowledge to form a prediction or inference. Prediction takes practice as it involves thinking ahead to what may happen, before refining and revising theories.

Skills needed for prediction include recalling information read or seen, rereading, asking questions, inferring, drawing conclusions. These skills develop a reader’s comprehension skills, which help them make an educated guess of what will happen next.

Using picture books, particularly wordless ones, give your students the opportunity to use facts, reasoning and illustrations to make a prediction.

There is a list of prediction discussion questions below the book list. As you read, you could use vocabulary that models predicting, for example:

  • I think/wonder/suppose/guess
  • I think [character] will [guess] because
  • Since [event] happened, I think [guess] will happen.

Use the graphic organizers to predict what will happen before, during, and after reading the book. Keep reading and use the text to confirm the predictions. Your students need to think about what will happen so they can refine and revise their theories.

These graphic organizers are designed to use with any fiction book. This could include picture books, read-alouds, chapter books and guided reading books. There is no prep involved!

Picture Books to Teach Prediction

Prediction Discussion Questions

  • What will [character] do next?
  • Where will [character] go? Why?
  • Why is [character]….?
  • Why do you think [character]…?
  • When did the situation/event happen?
  • How do you know?
  • How do you think [character] feels about the situation/event?
  • Why was it important to [character] …?
  • Why do you think [character] feels…?
  • Why did [character] say…?
  • Why made [character] behave/react in that way?
  • What is [character] thinking about?
  • Why doesn’t [character]…?
  • Why did the author…?
  • What do you think will happen next?
  • Who do you think…?

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35 Picture Books to Teach Prediction

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