35 Children’s Books with a Problem and Solution

35 Children's Books with a Problem and Solution

Looking for books on teaching problem and solution to your students? Check out this list of 35 picture books with problem and solutions scenarios built into the story.

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Teaching Problem and Solution with Books

Understanding problem and solutions will help your students develop positive relationships and develop problem-solving and creative thinking skills. Picture books are a great way to help children analyze different problem and solution scenarios. 

Picture books with problem and solution plots allow your students to see the problem being introduced, how the character(s) try to solve it and a related problem before they finally see how the issue is resolved.

In this selection of books you will see characters who:

  • Using knowledge to solve problems independently
  • Predicting outcomes
  • Thinking things through
  • Making good decisions
  • Trying new ways
  • Making mistakes and trying again
  • Recognising breakthroughs
  • Using trial and error to find a solution

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Picture Books with a Problem and Solution

Max at Night by Ed Vere

Max wants to say goodnight to the moon, but there’s a problem he can’t find it. Determined, he travels from trees to city rooftops to a high hill. As he reaches the top of the hill, the wind reveals the moon from behind the clouds. It shines brightly and assures Max it can see him when he says goodnight at home.

Problem and Solution Discussion Questions

  • Describe the different ways the characters were effective problem-solvers.
  • How did [character] solve the problem? What strategies did they use?
  • Why do you think [character] was an effective problem solver?
  • Why did [character’s] idea work in the end? Did they think about how their decisions would affect the outcome and other characters?
  • Did [character] make good decisions? Is there anything they could have done differently?
  • Did [character] work independently to solve the problem or did they work collaboratively? Was this the best strategy?
  • Does a thinker have to be brave, risk-taker….?
  • Did their decision making surprise you? Were they creative in their thinking?
  • How did [character’s] way of thinking impact the outcome of the story?

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35 Books to Teach Problem & Solution Pinterest

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