Teaching Problem and Solution with Picture Books

Teaching Problem and Solution with Picture Books

Teaching problem and solution gets a little easier with these picture books. Each book has problem and solution scenarios built into the plot, some more obvious than others.

Teaching Problem and Solution with Picture Books

Why Use Picture Books for Teaching Problem and Solution?

Understanding problem and solution helps your students develop problem-solving and creative thinking skills. Exploring picture books with problem and solution plots helps them see a problem being introduced, how the character(s) try to solve it and how they finally resolve the issue.

In picture books with problem and solution scenarios, your students will see characters who:

  • use knowledge to solve problems independently
  • predict outcomes
  • think things through
  • make good decisions
  • try new ways to solve problems
  • make mistakes and try again
  • recognize breakthroughs
  • use trial and error to find a solution

Discussion Questions For Teaching Problem and Solution

  • Describe the different ways the characters were effective problem-solvers.
  • How did [character] solve the problem? What strategies did they use?
  • Why do you think [character] was an effective problem solver?
  • Why did [character’s] idea work in the end? Did they think about how their decisions would affect the outcome and other characters?
  • Did [character] make good decisions? Is there anything they could have done differently?
  • Think of possible solutions for [character’s] problem.
  • Did [character] work independently to solve the problem or did they work collaboratively? Was this the best strategy?
  • Does a thinker have to be brave, a risk-taker….?
  • Did their decision making surprise you? Why or why not?
  • Was [character] creative in their thinking? Explain your answer.
  • How did [character’s] way of thinking impact the outcome of the story?

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Picture Books for Teaching Problem and Solution

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What Next?

After using these books with problem and solution scenarios trying watching some real-life problem-solvers in these videos.

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Teaching Problem and Solution with Picture Books

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