Cause & Effect Book List & Resources

Cause & Effect Book List

Cause & Effect Book List and Resources

Teaching cause and effect is hard! I know! I am sure that is why this page is the most visited on the Children’s Library Lady website!

The cause is WHY something happens and an effect is WHAT happened next. We use these concepts every time we show the relationship between events. For example, telling children if they do ‘this’ then they can do ‘that’.

Children pick up the concept of cause and effect at an early age. This could involve dropping a toy over and over until an adult stops returning it. Or reacting to loud sounds and pushing toys to make them move.

Newton's cradle physics concept for action and reaction or cause and effect

We use cause and effect language every day but that doesn’t mean children fully understand the concept. Teachers need to use different approaches to help students verbalise their understanding. Visit these two posts for more suggestions.

It is cause and effect that makes literature entertaining. The cause makes events happen, followed by the effects of those actions. Picture books illustrating cause and effect gives students a visual representation. Understanding these connections helps children interpret what they are reading. Reading benefits include:

    • Comprehending what they had read
    • Picking out the author’s meaning
    • Following different threads within a story
    • Ability to make inferences and predictions based on previous events
    • Understanding chronological events and story sequences
    • Recognising relationships between events
    • Drawing accurate conclusions
    • Organising information

These are all essential reading skills!

Using picture books to teach cause and effect is fun and meaningful. Your students won’t even realise it is a lesson! After reading a book elaborate on the connections between events. Give your students time to identify and describe the cause and effect they see. This will help them build up their understanding so the concept becomes intuitive.

As I mentioned above, check for your student’s understanding. As they answer questions, encourage them to support their answers with evidence. Use a graphic organiser for the students to record the events in more detail, along with their evidence.

Below is a list of picture books perfect for teaching cause and effect with students of any age. Click on each book to explore related resources, lesson plans and activities. Towards the end of this post, there are links to external information and resources

Cause & Effect Book List

What are your favourite picture books for teaching cause and effect? I will include them in this list so let me know if you have any great suggestions.

Further Reading

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These resources relate to the book, author and illustrator. The number of resources varies subject to subject. Please check they are appropriate for your specific needs before using them with children. If you have any suggestions please get in touch!

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I am a person who lives my life based on intention. I don’t do anything without intentions because intention determines the outcome of your life. It’s like cause and effect.

Oprah Winfrey

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The Children’s Library Lady has over 300 picture books on large variety of topics. You will find specific book, author and illustrator information, as well as resources. You can also browse themed books lists and explore all the books on the website. Click on the book covers below to start exploring what the website has to offer.

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Cause & Effect Book List

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