Children’s Art Week

Children's Art Week

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Children’s Art Week (11-19 June 2018) is an annual UK-wide programme run by Engage. They “believe every child and young person should have the opportunity to experience the richness of the arts, museums and libraries.” Events, hosted by over 70 organisations, encourage children’s creativity. They invite children and their families to engage in a broad range of art activities.

I have selected four wonderful books about children engaging in art activities. You can find a full list of creative books after the Children’s Art Week resources. You can discover more great picture books by browsing through lists on the website

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Art Books

"A boy alone in his room. Pencils. Sketchbook in hand. What would it be like to go on safari? Imagine. Draw... A boy named Leonardo begins to imagine and then to draw a world afar--first a rhinoceros, and then he meets some monkeys, and he always has a friendly elephant at his side. Soon he finds himself in the jungle and carried away by the sheer power of his imagination, seeing the world through his own eyes and making friends along the way.” Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers

"Meet the boy who can't stop creating art! He loves colours, shapes, textures and EVERYTHING inspires him: his socks, the contents of the fridge, even his cat gets a new coat (of paint!). But there's just one problem: his mum isn't quite so enthusiastic. In fact, she seems a little cross! But this boy has a plan to make his mum smile. He's about to create his finest piece yet and on a very grand scale . . .” Pan Macmillan

"Accept Herve Tullet's irresistible invitation to mix it up in a dazzling adventure of whimsy and wonder. Follow the artist's simple instructions, and suddenly colors appear, mix, splatter, and vanish in a world powered only by the reader's imagination.” Handprint Books

"A perfect square is transformed in this adventure story that will transport you far beyond the four equal sides of this square book.” Greenwillow Books

Children's Art Week Resources

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