Children’s Books about Building a Sense of Community

Children’s Books about Building a Sense of Community

These children’s books about community show positive examples of community building. Your students will see how they can work together to support others and make a difference, including within your classroom community.

Children’s Books about Building a Sense of Community

Why Read Children’s Books About Community Building?

Reading children’s books about community and belonging will give your students examples of how community building lead to positive outcomes, including:

  • improving the quality of life of those living in the community
  • understanding their role within a community
  • community members working together
  • compassionate attitudes towards those in need
  • supporting each other and embracing those from outside the community
  • making social connections with others
  • getting support for personal challenges
  • providing a sense of identity and belonging

Building a Positive Classroom Community

There are many benefits to building a positive classroom community, particularly when using picture books. These benefits include:

Questions for Children’s Books About Community

  • What is a community? Why is belonging to a community important?
  • What communities do you belong to?
  • How is our classroom a community?
  • What do we need to build a positive/respectful community? (listening, etc)
  • What can we do if there is a disagreement within a community?
  • What do you expect from a community?
  • How did working together help [character] feel like they were part of a community?
  • Why was being part of a community important to [character]?
  • Why do you think [character] was reluctant to ask [community] for help?
  • How did [character] feel before and after being part of a community? Why did they change?
  • Why did [character] do [action] when there was a disagreement? Did this strategy work?
  • Why do you think [community] helped/supported [character]?
  • What would have happened to [character] if they didn’t have [community] support?

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Children’s Books About Community

We all need to feel a sense of belonging, whether it is within our family or the wider community. This book list supports children’s understanding of their place in the world and highlights how we can work together to support others and make a difference in local and global communities.

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What Next?

The Northern Ireland Curriculum has three teaching units on community:

I have also found a couple of videos on community that may be useful to you in the classroom.

How do you build a positive classroom community? What are your favourite books to use to promote a sense of community?
Have you found it more important than ever to build a sense of community since Covid and lockdowns?

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Children’s Books about Building a Sense of Community

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