8 Ways to Choose Your Next Book

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8 Ways to Choose Your Next Book

Do you love to read but are never sure what to read next? I know I do, particularly if I have just read something great. So how do you choose your next book?
If you want to break away from a particular series or a favourite author, try the following suggestions. They will give you insight into new authors, series, and genres based on what you already enjoy.
To start, think about what you actually like to read. Write down your thoughts and use them with the suggestions below.
   What is your favourite genre? Adventure, mystery, crime, sci-fi, non-fiction, etc.
   Who are your favourite authors?
   What are your interests?
Also, ask the people around you for book suggestions. They will more than likely lend you the book as well which is an added, cheaper bonus!

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Explore 8 Ways to Choose Your Next Book

Goodreads & LibraryThing

Goodreads and LibraryThing are two of the largest sites to get book suggestions. You can add your own books, get recommendations and connect with communities.Goodreads is the largest database of books. You can add books to your Goodreads shelf and categorise them as you have read, are reading or going to read. You can post reviews and give book ratings. LibraryThing lets you add books you have already read and those you want to read. You can add tags to these books through which you can then search for similar books. You should explore Goodreads and LibraryThing if you haven’t already.
Hopefully these suggestions will give you ideas on how to choose your next book. Have a play around and see which works best.
Let me know what you think of them in the comments! Do you have any other suggestions on how to pick your next book?
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