Delightful Easter Books Children Will Love

Delightful Easter Books Children Will Love

Delightful Easter Books Children Will Love

Easter is on its way and its always good to have a few books ready to read. Whether it’s about the Easter bunny or more spiritual we have you covered. Some of these titles are classics and you can probably find them at your school or local library.

If you want to carry on the Easter theme we have a great selection of craft activities for you to try, including everything from chicks, Easter eggs, bunnies and slime!

Don’t forget to click on the Easter Pinterest list above to find more Easter book ideas, as well as craft activities.

Easter Books for Children

The Easter Bunny, along with assistant Skunk, shows “how to make BEAUTIFUL Easter eggs!” The bunny shows step by step how to boil the eggs, create the coloured dyes to decorate them. Skunk is so excited about the activity he releases his trademark smell. Bunny pushes Skunk out of the room to watch the rest of the process through a window. After encouragement from the reader, Bunny lets Skunk help hide the eggs, along with a peg on Bunny’s nose.

This masterful and stylistically original picture book introduces young children to four eggs. One is blue, one is pink, one is yellow, and one is green. Three of the eggs hatch, revealing three baby birds who fly away. But the green egg does not hatch. Why not? When the three birds return to investigate, they’re in for a big surprise! What will happen next?” Greenwillow Books

“Why should the Easter Bunny get all the love? That’s what Cat would like to know. So he decides to take over: He dons his sparkly suit, jumps on his Harley, and roars off into the night. But it turns out delivering Easter eggs is hard work. And it doesn’t leave much time for naps (of which Cat has taken five–no, seven). So when a pooped-out Easter Bunny shows up, and with a treat for Cat, what will Cat do? His surprise solution will be stylish, smart, and even—yes—kind.” Dial Books

The Legend of the Sand Dollar tells the story of Kerry, as her cousin Jack reveals to her the deeper meaning of Easter hidden within something as small as a sand dollar. This Easter tale reminds everyone everywhere that when Jesus died for us and was resurrected, he promised hope for all.” Zonderkidz

“The Story of Easter is a fabulous, new inspirational book, perfect for very young children. Children will love reading, hearing and learning about the amazing story of Easter, which is told in rhyme with simple words so little ones can understand.” Thomas Nelson

“Old Babushka, known throughout all of Moskva for her beautifully painted eggs, is preparing her eggs for the Easter Festival when she takes in an injured goose. She names the goose Rechenka, and they live happily together until one day when Rechenka accidentally overturns a basket, breaking all of Babushka’s lovingly crafted eggs. But the next morning Babushka has a surprise awaiting her in the basket. She cries: “A miracle!” It is one of many in this charmingly told tale of friendship and caring.” Puffin Books

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Let me know in the comments if you read any of the books and if you enjoyed them. Do you have any great Easter books to share? Add it below!!
Let me know what you think of the list and if you have any further recommendations. 

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Delightful Easter Books Children Will Love
Delightful Easter Books Children Will Love

Easter Books for Children Easter Books for Children Easter Books for Children Easter Books for Children Easter Books for Children 

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  1. My youngest granddaughter got a bookcase for her room for Christmas. Thank you for this list! I had forgotten about Rechenka’s Eggs. I read that book to her father when he was her age!

  2. Gorgeous layout of Easter book suggestions. I just love the way your site and graphics look – so appealing to the eye and to my reading sensibilities!

  3. Thanks for this list! I’ve learned about some new Easter books that I can’t wait to share with my children.

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