Entertaining Cause and Effect Activities Your Students Will Love

Entertaining Cause and Effect Activities Your Students Will Love

Teachers know cause and effect is not always the easiest concept to teach. Scroll down to explore some fun and practical activities to teach cause and effect.

Cause and Effect Activities Your Students Will Love

Do you have to teach cause and effect and don’t know where to start? Relax, I have searched the web to dig out great, hands-on cause and effect activities from some talented teachers.

We teach the concept of cause and effect every time we show the connection between events, for example, telling children if they do ‘this’ then they can do ‘that’. Providing children with the opportunities to be part of hands-on activities supports their understanding of how one action influences another as well as their comprehension, mathematical and science skills.

As it is not the easiest concept to get across to children, I have scoured the Internet for some great, hands-on cause amd effect activities. Some also link to external websites with additional resources.

What is Cause and Effect?

So, what is cause and effect? The cause is WHY something happens and an effect is WHAT happened

Do you ever say to children, ‘if you don’t wash your hands, you will spread germs’ or ‘if you finish your work early you can go outside’? We use cause and effect language every day however that doesn’t mean children fully understand the concept. We need to teach with practical activities.

Teaching cause and effect also helps children academically. Mathematics and science have much to do with cause and effect. And literacy would be boring without it.

What if children don’t understand cause and effect?

Children use cause and effect in their daily actions, such as a baby dropping a toy repeatedly until you stop returning it! They see their actions have a reaction, but they don’t know this as cause and effect. It is important to ask children why and for them not to answer ‘because’ with no explanation. This could be an indicator they do not understand cause and effect. These activities are a great way to help students to not only understand cause and effect but also verbalise it.

Cause and Effect Activities

Scroll down for some cause and effect activity suggestions. These ideas are suitable for students in preschool to upper elementary, though some may need a few tweaks. 

What Next?

Help your students with their understanding of cause and effect by highlighting vocabulary and circumstances that arise during the day. Take time for discussion and encourage your class to verbalise the ‘why’.

Do you have any tips or favourite activities for teaching cause and effect? Share them below I would love to hear about them!

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Cause and Effect Activities Your Students Will Love

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6 thoughts on “Entertaining Cause and Effect Activities Your Students Will Love”

  1. I think this is one of those areas where we can automatically assume children understand what cause and effect is because like you said, we use it with them so often. It really is a very important concept to learn for adulthood. You have some awesome resources listed that would really help with teaching it.

  2. This is awesome and it really is an important skill. Like Lisa said, we usually learn cause and effect through life, but books can help use explore actions that we don’t normally see in our day to day life.

  3. Very cool post, thank you. I like the way seemingly innocuous issues or topics can be deeper and more meaningful when considered carefully. Many of us learn cause and effect through everyday experiences but books can teach us this lesson in a different way.

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