40 Books about Facing Fears with Courage

40 Books about Facing Fears with Courage

Fear appears in many shapes and sizes. These books about facing fears help children recognise they are not alone in their worries. Use them as discussion starters to help your student confront and manage their fears.

40 Books about Facing Fears with Courage

Facing Fears with Courage

Fear appears in many shapes and sizes, such as the dark, separation from parents and going to the dentist. There are even more when thinking just about how school can bring out more fears. I did a quick brainstorm of school-related fears (many of which you will find in the suggested books):

  • putting their hand up
  • speaking in front of the class
  • the unknown
  • change
  • making new friends
  • starting a new school
  • noisy places
  • older children
  • language barriers
  • separation from parents
  • moving to a new home/country
  • breaking the rules
  • conflict
  • feeling judged
  • being teased/bullied
  • social interactions
  • standing up for yourself

We need to be positive but realistic about our student’s fears. Protecting them from their fears doesn’t help, it only exacerbates their anxiety. Talk to them about the reasons for their anxiety and help them tolerate their fears. I have a fear of public speaking which has got easier with age, but I will never enjoy it. We are role models for our students, so let them know how you deal with your fears.

Sharing picture books with your students is a great way to start positive discussions. For children suffering from anxiety reading about characters experiencing similar issues helps them to verbalise their worries and understand they are not alone. They are great discussion starters to help children confront and manage their fears.

After the book list, you will find a few resources and videos about facing fears and anxiety.

Picture Books about Facing Fears

The Day You Begin by Jacqueline Woodson

The Day You Begin considers the difficulty of entering a room where you don’t know anyone. In these situations, we are “an only” until we share our personal stories. Woodson reminds us that we are all outsiders and it takes courage to be ourselves.

Further Reading

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40 Books about Facing Fears with Courage

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