Fearless by Colin Thompson

Title: Fearless
Author: Colin Thompson
Illustrator: Sarah Davis
Publisher: ABC Books (2009)
ISBN: 9780733320255
Fearless by Colin Thompson is a fun picture book that promotes fears, risk-taking and self-esteem.
A family name their new bulldog Fearless because of how he looks, except he is anything but! “There were scary things everywhere. Whenever Mrs Jones came to the house, a dangerous black handbag used to follow her and it on the floor by her chair.” He lives up to his name when, by accident, he startles a burglar in the kitchen.
Series: Fearless (1), Fearless in Love (2); Fearless: Sons and Daughters (3)

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Teacher Guides: Teachers’ Notes
Read it Again Foundation: Fearless Lesson Plan (Lesson 37)
Sarah Davis Website: Book resources
Kids Health: Anxiety, Fears and Phobias
Scholastic: Ages & Stages: Helping Children Manage Fears
Sarah Davis Official Website
Colin Thompson Official Website
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Fearless by Colin Thompson

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