Fun and Festive Christmas Picture Books for Children​

Fun and Festive Christmas Picture Books for Children​

Christmas in the classroom is often full of over-excited students in your classroom! Have some downtime and enjoy these fun Christmas picture books.

Christmas Picture Books

Why Read Christmas Picture Books?

There is an easy answer to this question. First, they can introduce different Christmas traditions. Secondly, Christmas picture books will get your students into the Christmas spirit… though that isn't hard when the end of term is filled with parties, concerts and gift giving!

You may want to give your students some background to global Christmas traditions, Father Christmas and the Nativity. has a history of Christmas and information about the origins of Santa can be found at National Geographic.

Suggested Christmas Picture Books

You can celebrate the festive season with these traditional, modern, funny, magical and poignant Christmas children's books. They cover a wide aspect of different Christmas traditions, including the Nativity, family, Father Christmas, presents and much more!

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Christmas Picture Books

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