Free Online Children’s Books: 10 Of The Best Websites

Free Online Children's Books: 10 Of The Best Websites

Explore 10 websites offering FREE online children’s books. Reading books online gives children the opportunity to figure things out for themselves and experiment with reading strategies taught in the classroom.

Free Online Children's Books 10 Of The Best Websites

Where to Find Free Online Books for Children

I have been searching the internet for free online books for children. I have found so many there will be 2 parts to this post. For each website, I have given a description of what they offer and a link to their website. You will find a range of books from well known to self-published and interactive to scanned pages. Some of the websites offer many free books and others just a few.

  1. Book Trust: Storybooks to read online 
  2. Free Children Stories
  3. International Children’s Digital Library (ICDL)
  4. National Geographic Young Explorer
  5. Oxford Owl
  6. Robert Munsch Official Website
  7. Starfall
  8. Storyberries
  9. Storyline Online
  10. Storynory

Explore ten more websites in Free Online Books For Children: 10 More of The Best Websites

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase anything through them, I will get a small referral fee and you will be supporting me and my blog at no extra cost to you, so thank you! You can find more information here.

Find Free Online Children's Books

What Next?

Hopefully, these website suggestions will give you and your students many hours of reading fun. After you have explored all the sites let me know what you think of them in the comments!

Do you have any other suggestions on where to get free online books for children? Remember to check out Free Online Books For Children: 10 More of The Best Websites for a further ten places to find free online books.

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Free Online Children's Books 10 Of The Best Websites

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