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Discover the Joy of Reading: Free Children's Books Online

If you are a teacher or know someone who is looking for free children’s books online to read to children, look no further! With so many different stories, children will surely find something they will love from the fantastic resources in this post.

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Free Children's Books Online

Do your students or children enjoy reading books? If so, you’ll be happy to know that many websites offer free children’s books online! These sites have a wide selection of books for children of all ages, and some offer read-aloud functionality.

You will find various books, from well-known authors to self-published, interactive, and scanned pages. Some websites provide many free books, and others offer just a few.


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Where to Find Free Online Picture Books

Storyline Online

Storyline Online is a great place to start if you’re looking for free children’s books online. The website has a large selection of children’s books available to read online, and some have the option to listen to the story being read aloud. The website includes activities and discussion questions for each book, helping children think about the story they just read.

Story Time From Space

What child wouldn’t love to have a real astronaut read them a book from the International Space Station (ISS)? Story Time from Space is a non-profit endeavour by the Global Space Education Foundation. Astronauts on the ISS read fiction and non-fiction books, not just about space.

Oxford Owl

Register for free and access a range of children’s books online. The Oxford University Press provides information and advice for parents.


Naratopia offers various free books for children of all ages and interests. The user-friendly platform includes books from diverse cultures to promote inclusivity and broaden children’s understanding of the world.

Free Children Stories

The mission of Free Children Stories is to “offer traditional, meaningful storytelling to every child, parent, or teacher around the globe with access to the internet, for free.” They organise their online books into stories for children aged 3-4, 5-8, and 8-10.

International Children's Digital Library (ICDL)

The International Children’s Digital Library has free children’s books online. The website has a wide selection of children’s books worldwide. You can browse books by country, age, or language. It also has a read-aloud feature, so children can listen to the story while the text is highlighted on the screen.


Storyberries provides free children’s books online, including classic and modern stories organised by themes, type, length, age-range and conversation topics. There are discussion guides for issues in the books, including bullying, empathy, and jealousy.


Storynory offers free children’s books through its podcast and online. Book categories include original stories, fairy tales, classics, educational stories, myths, and poems. If you have a portable device, you can download free books.


If you are in the UK, you will find animated and live-action stories, interviews and songs related to CBeebies favourite characters. The UK publically funded BBC is not always accessible worldwide.

Daniel Tiger's Neighbourhood

Daniel, a shy 4-year-old-tiger, gets help from his family and friends to navigate his school and home life. The themes of the free children’s books will help children identify, express, and understand their emotions.


Doozy Moo offers a range of fun picture books. You can view them as a read-aloud video, PDF ebook or audiobook. You can mute the sound in the read-aloud videos so children can read the text independently. These free children’s online books have activities that promote reading comprehension skills and speech and language development.

Free Kids Books

Here, you can find unique free children’s books to download or read online. The books are separated into categories for toddlers, children, and young adults. You can also search for books on popular themes, such as animals, emotions, conservation, and transport, among many others. There are also wordless books and some with dyslexic-friendly fonts.

Loyal Books

Loyal Books has an extensive collection of free children’s books to download in many languages. You can download them as an mp3 file, and they have an iTunes podcast. Loyal Books organises its collection into many genres: adventure, fantasy, humour, philosophy, science fiction and more.

Book Trust: Storybooks to read online

Access interactive books or read books online. You will find classic children’s books alongside more modern titles. Scroll down the page to see some children’s online games.

Monkey Pen

Monkey Pen’s free online stories cater to children of all ages, fostering a love for reading. The content is entertaining and educational, helping kids learn valuable life lessons while enjoying the magic of storytelling.

In Summary

Online books make it easy to find all kinds of stories and authors worldwide. This makes exploring new ideas and stories possible anytime, anywhere, which is great for helping children love reading.

I want to hear about how you’ve used the online resources on this post or if you know other great websites and digital libraries. Let us know in the comments below!


Try Audible Plus, an all-you-can-listen membership that offers access to thousands of titles, including a vast array of audiobooks, podcasts and originals that span genres, lengths, and formats

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