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From Chaos to Order: Organizing Books with the TAB Book Database

Welcome to the TAB book database, your essential tool for streamlining classroom resource management! By organising and customizing your book collections, this tool can save you time, reduce stress, and enhance your teaching experience.

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Book Organizarion with the TAB Book Database

Welcome to the exciting journey of simplifying your teaching books with the ‘There’s a Book for That’ (TAB) Database! This post is designed to guide you through the database’s benefits and functionalities to help teachers like you manage your classroom resources efficiently. 

Whether you need help organizing books better or need a quick book suggestion for a specific topic, you’re in the right place!

TAB Book Database

Why You Need The TAB Database

As a teacher, managing many tasks simultaneously is the norm. Finding the right books for your lessons shouldn’t add to your stress. Here’s why this database is a game changer:

  • Centralised Resource: Start with over 40 popular picture books and grow your collection with personal finds.
  • Efficiency: Organize books by themes, reading levels, or any parameter you choose, all in one place.
  • Time-Saving: Reduce the hours spent scouring the internet and physical resources, making your teaching preparation smoother and quicker.
  • Customisation: Organize books that work best for you, tailoring the database to your specific needs. 
  • Flexibility: Customisation lets you quickly find books relevant to your student’s interests and educational needs.

The Origin Story

My journey from a kindergarten teacher and teacher-librarian to the creator of the Children’s Library Lady highlighted a common challenge: the overwhelming task of managing and recalling the books I own and are recommended to me.

I faced the chaos of scattered book ideas—pinned on Pinterest, scribbled on Post-its, and stuffed in planners. The move to Airtable revolutionised my approach, transforming chaos into an organized, accessible format. 

I want to share this through the TAB book database. I have created several videos to help you use it effectively

From Chaos to Order: Book Organization Made Easy

In this quick introductory video, we’re going to guide you on how to seamlessly download your free ‘There’s a Book for That’ database from Children’s Library Lady website. If you’ve just signed up and are wondering what comes next, you’re in the right place! We’ll walk you through the download process step by step, making sure you know where to click and what to expect. We’ll also touch on the initial setup and give you a sneak peek of how this database will revolutionize your book organization.

Find Your Books Faster: Adapt your digital book organizer for your needs!

Welcome to the 2nd video about your new digital book organizer, the ‘There’s a Book for That’ database (TABDA) you downloaded for free from Children’s Library Lady! This video shows how you can copy and paste information from Instagram to your new There’s a Book for That database and make it your own. It is tailored for educators and those who want their book collection to be more manageable and easily searched. We’ll walk you through every step of setting up and using your new database. You’ll learn how to add and categorize your books. You will learn how to customize it to make the database yours and create a system that makes finding the right book as easy as a few clicks.

Behind the Scenes: 'There's a Book for That' Example Book Organizer!

In this video, I’m excited to share an example book organizer to show how you can use and adapt the database. Consider it a real-world example of how this database can be utilized to its fullest potential. We’ll dive into my personal organization system, categories, labels, and how I manage the extensive collection of books I use on Whether finding the perfect book for a lesson plan or picking out a great read for the weekend, you’ll see how this database makes it all a breeze. Beyond the organization, I’ll also share my tips and tricks on maintaining the database and adding new entries in this example book organizer. It’s about storing information and enhancing your reading and teaching experience.

Boost Your Book Database: Using Instagram to Find Books for Your Digital Library

This video will show you how to discover and add new books to your database. Instagram isn’t just for pretty pictures; it’s a goldmine of information, insights, and recommendations that can enhance your library. We’ll show you how to use Instagram to find book information to add to your book database, enriching content for your database. We’ll then guide you through transferring this information to your ‘There’s a Book for That’ database, helping you to organize and categorize your findings.

In Summary

The TAB Database isn’t just a tool—it’s a solution to the common challenges teachers face today. 

From reducing preparation time to enhancing the quality of your teaching materials, this database is designed to help you streamline your tasks and free up time for what really matters—teaching. 

Dive into this resource and start transforming how you manage your classroom resources today!

After exploring, comment on this post, letting me know which books you’ve added to your database and how it’s streamlined your teaching process.

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