Growth Mindset Books and Resources

Growth Mindset Book Lists

Explore growth mindset books and resources to help your students achieve their goals & conquer obstacles. Find information on different growth mindset themes, such as determination, open-mindedness, independence, adaptability, perseverance and being a risk-taker.

Growth Mindset Books & Resources

Growth mindset is a term widely used in education. But what does it mean?
Carol Dweck and her colleagues at Stanford University developed the term growth mindset. Her research found children with a growth mindset pushed through challenges, used different learning strategies and learned from their mistakes. They believe their intelligence is not static but can develop and grow.
A growth mindset helps students achieve their educational goals. It also helps them work through difficult tasks. Whereas children with a fixed mindset believe intelligence is fixed from birth and nothing will change it.
Dweck’s research found that intelligence is malleable. It is our approach to learning that determines a growth or a fixed mindset. Though in reality, we all have a mix of both mindsets depending on our previous experiences.

“We found that students’ mindsets—how they perceive their abilities—played a key role in their motivation and achievement, and we found that if we changed students’ mindsets, we could boost their achievement. Students who believed their intelligence could be developed (a growth mindset) outperformed those who believed their intelligence was fixed (a fixed mindset).”

Carol Dweck

Dweck’s research found students with a growth mindset improved their academic results. The reverse was true of those with a fixed mindset. However, these results increased when children with a fixed mindset understood that brains are a muscle that build new connections through effort and practice. This knowledge gave children the confidence to learn and positively effect their achievement, engagement and happiness.

Growth Mindset Book Lists

I have created picture book lists on many topics. Below are lists promoting growth mindset traits. Click on the images to explore related recommended books and resources. When you see the list of books click on a cover image to see connected resources and lesson plans. 

You can also find resources and books that focus on growth mindsets towards the end of this post.

Growth Mindset Books
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Growth Mindset Resources and Further Reading

You can read more about Carol Dweck’s research in the documents. A list of her research papers are listed on her Stanford University bio page.

The Project for Education Research that Scales (PERTS), a research centre at Stanford University, created a Mindset Kit. The Mindset Kit, based on research, provides teachers and parents with resources and materials to promote a growth mindset in children.

I will leave the last word to Carol Dweck about the importance of adults in the promotion of a growth mindset.
“If adults react to “children’s mistakes as though they are problematic or harmful, rather than helpful. In these cases, their children develop more of a fixed mindset about their intelligence.” Carol Dweck Revisits the ‘Growth Mindset’
How do you teach a growth mindset in your classroom? Do you have any great activities or resources?

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Growth Mindset Book Lists

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