Identity Books and Resources for the Classroom

Identity Books and Resources for the Classroom

Discover picture books and resources to sensitively teach about identity in your classroom. Children often suffer from anxiety because they feel different. This post is filled with identity book recommendations embracing who we are.

Identity Books and Resources

Teaching Identity in the Classroom

“Group identity is constructed in many different ways, such as belonging to a community based on religion, political, or social values, shared language, ethnicity or national origin, or the shared experience of being targets of prejudice.”

Children form their social identity at an early age, including their self-esteem and a sense of belonging. This sense of identity contributes to how they feel about themselves and their self-image.

We want our children to see themselves positively, particularly through their interactions with others. What we hope is children will feel a sense of pride, self-worth, respect and confidence, but we know that this isn’t always the case. 

Other people, especially those in the same social identity groups, also influence how children see themselves in both positive and negative ways. Negative interactions can lead to feelings of anxiety because they feel different or don’t fit in. 

While not the only strategy, using the picture books below will help children feeling more positive about themselves and be more open when meeting others from different backgrounds and cultures.

Identity Book

Picture books on identity can help children feel more positive about themselves. Reading about characters with similar lives and personalities supports self-esteem and confidence. The books in this identity book list promote that you should embrace who you are and we are all different.

These identity books are perfect for teaching identity with students of any age. At the end of the book list you have the option to download an identity book list as a pdf.

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Identity Resources

The following websites highlight the importance of supporting children’s understanding of identity. Many are written for parents but provide useful information. The other resources are educational websites with lesson plans and resources on discussing and teaching about identity, and not just with a book!

Please check if they are appropriate for your specific needs before using them with children. If you have any further suggestions please get in touch!

What Next?

Exposure to picture books with a focus on identity picture books is for many children the first time they discover lives similar to their own. 

How do you promote your student’s self-esteem and promote their sense of identity. Share your strategies and ideas in the comments. I would love to hear about any resources or books you use!

Further Reading

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Identity Books and Resources

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