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I’ll Wait, Mr Panda

Title: I’ll Wait, Mr Panda
Author: Steve Antony
Illustrator: Steve Antony
Publisher: Hodder Children’s Books (2016)
ISBN: 9781444916676
Series: Please, Mr Panda (1); I’ll Wait, Mr Panda (2); Thank You, Mr Panda (3); Goodnight, Mr Panda (4)

Wearing a chef’s hat and holding a mixing bowl, Mr Panda is making a surprise for his friends. But they discover, to their disappointment, they will have to wait to find out what the surprise is. “Wait and see. It’s a surprise,” repeats Mr Panda. Most of his friends are too impatient and leave, explaining “waiting is too hard” or “I don’t like waiting”. All this time, a penguin repeats “I’ll wait, Mr Panda,” even though it is a challenge. The penguin’s patience is rewarded with a doughnut so big it fills the page. “WOW! That was worth the wait.”

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