27 of the Best Picture Books to Support Inquiry-Based Learning

27 of the Best Picture Books to Support Inquiry-Based Learning

Explore over 25 inquiry books to use alongside inquiry-based learning in your classroom. They illustrate characters with natural curiosity, going through the inquiry process.

Inquiry Books to Support Inquiry-Based Learning

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Inquiry Based Learning

Children have a natural curiosity, giving them a head start in being effective inquirers. Inquiry skills develop the research skills your students need through their academic life and beyond. Inspire inquiry in your classroom by reading about characters who are independent and effective thinkers who make connections and problem solve. 

In a previous post, High-Quality Resources for Inquiry Based Teaching, I put together books, videos and online resources.

Inquirer: Learner Profile Graphic Organisers

You can find a pack of Inquirer graphic organizers on Teachers Pay Teachers. Click on the images to see a preview of what is included.

Inquiry Books for Inquiry Based Learning

Use these suggested inquiry books to see inquiry in action with characters who:

    • think critically, creatively and reflectively
    • build on prior knowledge
    • research and gather information, independently
    • analyse their findings and those of others
    • interpret data
    • learn from others
    • create new understandings
    • understand there may be more than one answer
    • present and communicate their findings, explaining their learning
    • refine their finding and start the inquiry process again

Most of the characters go through an inquiry process and make surprising discoveries along the way.

This is a long list of inquiry books and not all will be relevant for the age for your students or your purpose. Use your own judgement before using them in the classroom.

Inquiry Books

Inquiry Discussion Questions

  • Is there a connection between being curious and being good inquirers?
  • What does it mean to be an inquirer?
  • Did [character] ask the right questions to further their understanding of the situation? Can you think of any others?
  • Did [character] have any good inquiry skills you can use?
  • Is there a connection between being an inquirer and asking questions?
  • How do you know [character] was being an inquirer?
  • How did the inquiry process help [character]?
  • How do you know the [character] was going through an inquiry process?
  • How were the [character’s] inquirers?
  • Were any of the [character’s] curious? How do you know?
  • Describe how a character used their curiosity/inquiry process to solve a mystery. Could they have done anything differently?

What Next?

How do you promote inquiry and curiosity in your classroom? Tell me about your favourite inquiry books in the comments!

Remember to check out High-Quality Resources for Inquiry Based Teaching for a wide selection of online resources, videos and books.

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Inquiry Books to Support Inquiry-Based Learning
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