High-Quality Resources for Inquiry-Based Teaching

High-Quality Resources for Inquiry Based Teaching

Inspire your students to be inquirers and reinforce your inquiry-based teaching with this collection of resources, including books, videos and websites. Support them in becoming independent and effective thinkers who make connections and problem solve.

High-Quality Resources for Inquiry Based Teaching

Inquiry Based Teaching in the Classroom

According to the IBO, inquirers nurture their “curiosity, developing skills for inquiry and research. [They] know how to learn independently and with others. [They] learn with enthusiasm and sustain [a] love of learning throughout life.”

Through inquiry based teaching we want our students to use critical thinking to make meaning, discoveries and apply their understanding in new situations. We need to help them by finding out what they are internally motivated to know. This, of course, depends on their age, interests, available resources and the ability of your students. If we can find out what they are truly curious about it goes a long way to successful inquiry based teaching. Help them by actively involving them in constructing understanding through hands-on activities, research and communicating their findings and understandings.

There are many websites that provide a more detailed overview of inquiry led teaching. You can find a list in the resources below. In another post, Best Picture Books to Support Inquiry-Based Learning, you can also find more inquiry book recommendations.

Inquirers: Learner Profile Graphic Organisers

You can find a pack of Inquirers graphic organizers on Teachers Pay Teachers. Click on the images to see a preview of what is included.

Inquiry Process

Inquiry is a circular process that starts with a question requiring your students to: 

    • think critically, creatively and reflectively
    • build on prior knowledge
    • research and gather information, independently
    • analyse their findings and those of others
    • interpret data
    • learn from others
    • create new understandings
    • understand there may be more than one answer and this may change as their understanding grows
    • present and communicate their findings, explaining their learning
    • refine their finding and start the process again

Benefits of Inquiry Based Teaching

Using inquiry included many benefits for your students including:

  • fostering curiosity
  • developing critical thinking skills
  • enhancing problem-solving and research skills
  • developing creativity and independence
  • increasing student responsibility for their own learning
  • encouraging independent thinking
  • supporting reasoning skills

Inquiry Teaching Resources

Here you will find a wealth of resources to help you support your student’s inquiry skills. You will find a list of picture books, short videos, online resources and reading-related questions.

Inquiry Picture Books

This selection of books all relate to inquiry in some way. After the books, you will find a list of questions to use during a read-aloud session.

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Inquiry Questions

  • Is there a connection between being curious and being good inquirers?
  • What does it mean to be an inquirer?
  • Did [character] ask the right questions to further their understanding of the situation? Can you think of any others?
  • Did [character] have any good inquiry skills you can use?
  • Is there a connection between being an inquirer and asking questions?
  • How do you know [character] was being an inquirer?
  • How did the inquiry process help [character]?
  • How do you know the [character] was going through an inquiry process?
  • How were the [character’s] inquirers?
  • Were any of the [character’s] curious? How do you know?
  • Describe how a character used their curiosity/inquiry process to solve a mystery. Could they have done anything differently?

Inquiry Resources Online

Inquiry Discussion Starters: Videos

These short videos can be used as discussion starters for talking about inquiry. Watch the video before playing them to your students. Some of them are simple while others are more complex or abstract.

What Next?

Inquiry based teaching helps you support students with a wide range of abilities and experiences. How do you go about teaching inquiry and curiosity in your classroom? Tell me about it in the comments!

Remember to check out Best Picture Books to Support Inquiry-Based Learning for more picture book suggestions.

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High-Quality Resources for Inquiry Based Teaching

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