Jack (Not Jackie) by Erica Silverman

Title: Jack (Not Jackie)
Author: Erica Silverman
Illustrator: Holly Hatam
Publisher: Little Bee Books (2018)
ISBN: 9781499807318
Jack (Not Jackie) by Erica Silverman is a touching picture book that promotes acceptance, identity, self-awareness and open-mindedness.
“My sister Jackie has the best giggle! When she stares at me with her big, round eyes, my heart feels bubbly.” Susan wants Jackie to be like her, pretending to be forest fairies or kittens. But Jackie dons a cape to become Superbug or plays in the mud. As Jackie gets older, she wants to wear clothes from the boy’s section. Susan doesn’t understand. 
Her feelings become more confused as her sister changes her name to Jack and cuts her hair short. Susan shouts at her mother to stop cutting Jackie’s hair as she will look like a boy. ‘“Jackie says, “I am a boy!” Mama is quiet. Finally, she says, “Well, Jackie’s been trying to tell us that for a long time.”’ Susan struggles to cope with losing her sister but accepts her new brother when she remembers how much she loved Jack as a baby. “The same big, round eyes. My sister. My brother. It’s okay, either way.” 

The author, Erica Silverman, explains her reasons for writing a picture book about gender identity. You will also find lists of books, articles, online resources and picture books related to gender identity.

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These resources relate to the book, author and illustrator. The number of resources varies book to book. Please check they are appropriate for your specific needs before using them with children. If you have any suggestions please get in touch!

Equality and Human Rights Commission: Who Am I? 
glaad: Resources
Stonewall: “Resources to tackle homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying in education environments and help create more inclusive spaces.” Stonewall also made the film FREE “about friendship, families and the importance of being yourself”.
Erica Silverman Official Website
Holly Hatam Official Website
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Jack (Not Jackie) By Erica Silverman

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