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Kick Off the School Year with The King of Kindergarten Activities

Kick off the new school year with literacy activities inspired by The King of Kindergarten. In this article, you’ll discover a variety of The King of Kindergarten activities designed to help your students connect with the story, develop essential literacy skills, and ease into the classroom environment with confidence and excitement.

Items related to starting kindergarten: a book titled 'King of the Classroom,' colorful pens, alphabet letters, a storyboard, self-reflection worksheets, and an 'ABODE' title. These King of Kindergarten activities are perfect for helping little ones feel excited and prepared for their big day.

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The King of Kindergarten Summary

In The King of Kindergarten (also known as King of the Classroom), a young boy is ready for Kindergarten. He wakes up and tells his mommy he is “going to be THE KING OF KINDERGARTEN!”

He’s excited about the first day at school because he will have the chance to make new friends and try new things. He is excited and courageous enough to do anything he puts his mind to. He enthusiastically tells his parents about his day and how he can’t wait for tomorrow. 

The young boy shows readers that school is a place to make new friends and have fun, and being positive and happy makes trying new things less scary.

The King of Kindergarten Discussion Points

  • Consequences of Actions: Positive actions, like being kind and helpful, lead to a successful and happy day at school.
  • Self-Confidence: Confidence in facing new experiences teaches children the importance of self-assurance.
  • Transition to School: The book provides a positive and reassuring narrative about starting school, which can ease students’ anxieties.

The King of Kindergarten Activities

The King of Kindergarten by Derrick Barnes is an excellent choice for the classroom because it addresses important themes like facing new experiences with confidence and positivity. This post focuses on activities for:

Character Analysis: Exploring Traits and Motivations

Students can delve into the boy’s personality, motivations, and growth throughout his first day of school, learning how character traits influence a story’s direction and outcome.

Activity: Discuss the main character’s actions, words, and interactions with others. Ask questions like:

  • What is the boy’s name?
  • How does he feel about starting kindergarten?
  • What are some things he does during the day?

Provide individual
character maps, or create a large class character map on chart paper. Students should consider the boy’s traits and actions that demonstrate these traits.

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Building Personal Connections

Many students will relate to the anticipation, excitement, and nervousness that come with the first day of school, helping them see the story’s relevance in their own lives.

Activity: Encourage students to think about their own first day of school as they listen to the story. Ask questions such as:

  • What did the boy do to get ready for his first day?
  • How did he feel throughout the day?
  • What activities did he participate in?
  • How did he interact with his classmates and teacher?
  • How did you feel on your first day of school?
  • What did you do to get ready?
  • What activities did you do on your first day?
  • How did you interact with your classmates and teacher?

Ask students to draw a picture of their first day of school and include details showing how they felt and what they did.
Write a short paragraph that compares the boy’s experience, noting similarities and differences.

A children's book titled "King of the Classroom" with art supplies in the background and a worksheet beside it featuring a student's responses about starting school, alongside some engaging "The King of Kindergarten activities.
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Sequencing Events: Understanding Story Order

The King of Kindergarten shows the boy’s journey through his first day of school, from waking up in the morning to returning home. 

Activity: Encourage students to pay attention to the sequence of events throughout the boy’s first day of school. After reading, discuss the key events in the story. Provide students with a set of events cards mixed up. Place the cards in the order they happened in the story.

A yellow folder with cartoon sequence cards depicting a school-related story from "The King of Kindergarten" activities. Scissors and colorful stationery are nearby on a white surface.
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Discussion Questions for The King of Kindergarten

The King of Kindergarten questions are designed to enhance students’ reading comprehension and encourage them to consider a positive attitude to new challenges and environments.

  1. How does Derrick Barnes make it clear that the boy is confident?
  2. How did the boy show he was a King of Kindergarten?
  3. What have you learned from the boy’s attitude? How can you be more confident and optimistic about school?
  4. How does the boy feel about starting kindergarten? Can you find a sentence in the book that shows his excitement?
  5. What does the boy do to prepare for his first day of school?
  6. What are some new activities the boy tries at school?
  7. How does the teacher make the boy feel welcome in the classroom?
  8. How does the boy’s family support him as he prepares for kindergarten?
  9. Why is the first day of school significant in the story? How does it affect the boy?
  10. What lessons can we learn from the King of Kindergarten about trying new things and making friends?

activity pack includes over 80 questions for The King of Kindergarten to use before, during, and after reading the book.

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