Lost and Found Activities and Comprehension Questions

Lost and Found Activities and Comprehension Questions

Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers is a great picture book to show how our thoughts and emotions can influence our actions. Read on to find Lost and Found activities and comprehension questions to promote finding a true friend.

A boy is determined to help a lost penguin find its home but discovers it may not be lost after all. Lost and Found gives you the opportunity to promote:

  • Thoughts and emotions can influence behavior and actions.
  • Appreciation for what is right in front of you before it disappears.
  • Finding a true friend and looking out for others.

You can also use the book to teach:

Scroll down for Lost and Found activities, discussion questions and videos.

Lost and Found Summary

A boy opens his front door and to his surprise, he finds a penguin. Deciding the penguin was lost, the boy sets out to help the sad-looking bird find its way home.

After some research, he discovers penguins are from Antarctica and they set sail on a rowboat. Their long journey is filled with waves, storms and the telling of stories. When they arrive at the South Pole, the boy drops the penguin on the ice and starts his journey home.

As the boy rowed home, he felt strange to be on his own. The more he thought about it the more he realised he made a big mistake, the penguin wasn’t lost, it was lonely! The boy turned around to search for the penguin.

After a fruitless search, the boy sadly sets off home again. He spots something ahead of him and discovers it is the penguin searching for the boy. The two friends row together and talk about wonderful things on their journey home.

Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers
Illustrator: Oliver Jeffers
Publisher: Philomel Books (2005)
ISBN: 9780399245039

Take a look inside 

Oliver Jeffers Official Website

Book Series

How to Catch a Star (1); Lost and Found (2); The Way Back Home (3); Up and Down (4)

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Lost and Found Activities & Resources

I have created literacy graphic organizers for Lost and Found. You can find them at my Teachers Pay Teachers store. There are many activities for each literacy area to differentiate depending on your student’s ability/age. They include activities for:

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Lost and Found Activities & Links

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Lost and Found Read-Aloud Questions

Read aloud sessions are a wonderful way for children to understand the connection between written text and spoken language. You can model reading habits and strategies, reading fluency, tone and eye contact. You can also introduce different genres, authors and illustrators.

  • Why did the boy want to help the penguin find his way home?
  • What made the boy realise the penguin was lonely?
  • How would you describe the boy? What are his unique character traits?
  • How does Oliver Jeffers show the boy’s and the penguin’s emotions throughout the book?
  • Why did the boy return to the South Pole to get the penguin?
  • Why do you think the penguin left its home in the first place?
  • Why did the boy try so hard to help the penguin get home?
  • Why do you think the penguin went home with the boy?
    \What do you think the new friends talked about on their journey?

You can find a full set of discussion cards in the Lost and Found Literacy Bundle or as a separate pack.

Lost and Found Book Videos

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Lost and Found Activities and Comprehension Questions

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