Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers

Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers

Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers promotes friendship, relationship skills, compassion, loneliness and a sense of belonging.

“Once there was a boy who found a penguin at his door.” The boy sets out to help the sad-looking bird find its way home. After discovering penguins are from Antarctica, they set sail on a rowboat. Their long journey is filled with waves, storms and the telling of stories. When they finally arrive, the boy drops the penguin on the ice and starts his journey home. “It felt strange to be on his own… and the more he thought … the more he realised he was making a big mistake. 

The penguin wasn’t lost. He was just lonely.” The boy turned round to search for the penguin. After a fruitless search, the boy sadly sets of home again. He spots something ahead of him and discovers it is the penguin searching for the boy. “And so the boy and his friend went home together, talking of wonderful things all the way.”
Series: How to Catch a Star (1); Lost and Found (2); The Way Back Home (3); Up and Down (4)
Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers
Illustrator: Oliver Jeffers
Publisher: Philomel Books (2005)
ISBN: 9780399245039

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Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers

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