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Meesha Makes Friends Activities to Build Confidence and Connections

Meesha Makes Friends by Tom Percival offers valuable lessons on friendship, individuality, and social skills. In this article, I will explore various Meesha Makes Friends activities designed to help students engage with the story more deeply. These activities will focus on character traits, making inferences, and drawing connections to their own lives.

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Meesha Makes Friends Summary

Meesha loves to make things but finds it hard to make friends. She is unsure what to say and do when she is around other children. 

She can create anything but doesn’t know how to play the ‘right’ way, so she makes pretend friends from her craft materials. They help Meesha feel at ease.

When Meesha’s parents take her to a party, the noise and chaos overwhelm her. She discovers a quiet spot and makes more of her pretend friends. 

When Josh approaches Meesha to ask her what she is doing, she takes a deep breath and tells him about her creations. Finding out they both enjoy being creative helps Meesha feel at ease with Josh.

Meesha Makes Friends Discussion Points

  • Friendship: Meesha’s journey highlights the ups and downs of making friends and the importance of being kind and inclusive.
  • Creativity: Meesha’s ability to create wonderful things with her hands shows how creativity can help form connections.
  • Social Skills: Social skills help make and maintain friendships, emphasizing empathy and communication.
  • Self-Confidence: The book touches on building self-confidence in social settings and encouraging children to be themselves.

Meesha Makes Friends Activities

Meesha Makes Friends by Tom Percival is an excellent classroom book because it addresses finding common ground, individuality, and social skills.

This post will focus on Meesha Makes Friends activities for:

Character Analysis: Understanding Meesha’s Journey

By analyzing Meesha’s journey, students can learn about understanding character traits, motivations, changes, and relationships.

Activity: Discuss the story’s main events and Meesha’s character. Ask questions such as:

  • What do we know about Meesha?
  • How does she feel about making friends?
  • How does she change by the end of the story?


Draw a large outline of Meesha. Brainstorm words or phrases that describe Meesha at the beginning of the story. Write these on sticky notes and place them around her head. Repeat for Meesha’s traits at the end of the story.

Divide the figure into two sections: one side for Meesha’s strengths (e.g., creativity, kindness) and the other for her challenges (e.g., shyness, difficulty making friends, and move the notes to the relevant side.

Discuss how Meesha changes throughout the story.

  • What does she learn? 
  • How does she grow? 

Create a section on the poster for Meesha’s growth. Have students suggest examples of her growth and write these on sticky notes to add to the poster.

Extension: Give students an individual worksheet so they can write down her strengths, challenges, and growth points.

Image features a children's activity sheet titled "Character Traits" next to two pages for illustration and writing traits, inspired by the book "Meesha Makes Friends" by Tom Percival. These engaging activities foster creativity and help kids explore character traits.
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Inferring Meesha’s Feelings

Understanding emotional cues in illustrations helps students infer characters’ feelings and thoughts, which are not always explicitly stated in the text. 

Activity: Choose a specific part of the story where Meesha’s feelings are implied but not directly stated. For example, when Meesha is at the party feeling nervous.

Highlight specific words or phrases that give clues about Meesha’s feelings (e.g., “Meesha felt a knot in her stomach”). 

Provide an inference graphic organizer to identify evidence and infer Meesha’s feelings during different events.

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Making Connections: Relating to Meesha’s Experience

Making text-to-self connections helps students relate their own experiences to the story, enhancing comprehension and empathy. 

Activity: Discuss Meesha’s feelings about making friends and the challenges she faces. Ask students to think about a time when they felt nervous about making friends or joining a new group. Have students write about their experiences. Ask questions such as:

  • What were you nervous about?
  • How did you try to make friends?
  • What helped you feel more comfortable?
  • How is your experience similar to Meesha’s?
  • What strategies did you use that are similar to Meesha’s?
  • What can we learn from each other’s experiences?

On chart paper, list students’ common feelings and challenges when making friends. Discuss how these experiences connect to Meesha’s story, highlighting any common themes or strategies that helped students overcome their nervousness.

A children's book titled "Meesha Makes Friends" lies on a desk with a worksheet, a polka dot notebook, colorful pens, and push pins. The worksheet contains text pertaining to making friends and includes engaging Meesha Makes Friends activities.
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Discussion Questions for Meesha Makes Friends

The Dot questions encourage your students to reflect on the story, interpret the characters’ motivations and feelings, analyze the author’s message, and apply their understanding to their experiences.

  1. Describe the problem Meesha faced and how she solved it.
  2. How did the illustrations help you understand Meesha Makes Friends?
  3. How would you describe Meesha? What are her character traits?
  4. Why are the other characters in the story grey and Meesha in color? 
  5. Can you make friends with someone who has nothing in common with you?
  6. Why does Meesha struggle with making friends?
  7. What do Meesha’s creations represent in the story?
  8. Why did Meesha find it easier to make friends out of art supplies rather than with other children?
  9. What changes for Meesha that helps her start to make real friends?
  10. How did Meesha feel when the other children started playing with her creations?

This activity pack includes over 120 questions to use before, during, and after reading Meesha Makes Friends.

Have you used Meesha Makes Friends in your classroom? Let me know how you used it!

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