Resources for Promoting Mindfulness in the Classroom

Resources for Promoting Mindfulness in the Classroom

Mindfulness takes practice but it is well worth it to give children ways to cope when they are feeling stressed or have a lack of focus. Explore mindfulness resources to use in your classroom to increase your students’ wellbeing and support positive mental health.

Resources for Promoting Mindfulness in the Classroom

What Is Mindfulness?

An increasing number of parents and teachers are introducing mindfulness to children, and for good reason. Only five to ten minutes of mindful practise reduces stress and anxiety and develops increased concentration, improved sleep, social skills and positive decision making.

Many people think mindfulness is about clearing your mind, but it is being aware of what is happening in the present moment. It helps children slow down and focus on the right now rather than thinking about the past or future. Practice helps children improve resilience and cope during challenging situations. Over time, they will increase their self-awareness, social awareness, self-confidence, patience and happiness.

The University of California Berkeley has information and research into the benefits of mindfulness. Take a look at their definition of Mindfulness in their magazine Greater Good. You can also find a round-up of mindfulness research in the document Evidence for the Impact of Mindfulness on Children and Young People.

Resources for Mindfulness in the Classroom

In this section, you will find a wealth of resources to promote mindfulness in the classroom. You will find short videos and online resources. You can visit 23 Children’s Books on Mindfulness and Meditation for book recommendations to use in the classroom.

Mindfulness Resources Online

Annaka Harris – Mindfulness for Children: Listen or download guided meditations for children
Child Mind Institute: Mindfulness articles
Greater Good Magazine: How SEL and Mindfulness Can Work Together
Left Brain Buddha: 5 Mindfulness Practices to Bring to Your Classroom
Managing Stress: Guided Meditation Lesson Plan
Positive Psychology Program: Mindfulness Activities for Children: 25 Fun Exercises For Kids
PSHE Association: Guidance on teaching about mental health and emotional wellbeing
Shambhala Publications – Sitting Like a Frog: Mindfulness audio exercises for children

Kids Mindfulness Videos

These short videos can be used as discussion starters for talking about kids mindfulness Watch the videos before playing them to your students to make sure they are appropriate.

What Next?

Mindfulness helps children reduce anxiety, improve resilience and increase their self-confidence. These resources for mindfulness in the classroom will help introduce positive techniques to cope during challenging situations. 

Do you use mindful techniques with your students? What resources do you use? Let me know in the comments!

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Resources for Promoting Mindfulness in the Classroom

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