Mrs Noah’s Pockets

Mrs Noah’s Pockets

Title: Mrs Noah’s Pockets
Author: Jackie Morris
Illustrator: James Mayhew
Publisher: Otter-Barry Books (2017)
ISBN: 9781910959091

“It rained. Not the kind of rain that comes in a shower then passes. This rain came from a sky dark as a bruise, falling hard and fast, beating the earth, washing down the tracks, making straps of pathways and rivers of roads.” Noah builds an ark to save the animals from the forthcoming flood, but he thinks the rain “will be an ideal time to tidy up the world and get rid of some of those more troublesome creatures.” Mrs Noah says nothing but creates a coat with many deep pockets. 

As Noah rounds up the animals he deems are being important, Mrs Noah conceals other animals in her special coat. As the flood waters subside Noah releases the animals from the ark. “Mrs Noah, her coat tails flapping in the warm wind, wandered away from the ark, into a wood that grew close by. Here, one at a time, she emptied her pockets, being very careful to lift the creatures all out, setting them free two by two, into a new land.”

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Mrs Noah’s Pockets Mrs Noah’s Pockets Mrs Noah’s Pockets Mrs Noah’s Pockets

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