My Mei Mei

My Mei Mei

Title: My Mei Mei
Author: Ed Young
Illustrator: Ed Young
Publisher: Philomel Books (2006)
ISBN: 9780399243394
”I am named Antonia after my Nanna, my grandfather Antonia. When I was half, I joined Mommy and baba in China. We flew home together.” Antonia tells the story of her adoption from China and her formative years with her parents. As she gets older, Antonia asks her parents for a Mei Mei, a little sister. Her wish comes true when she flies to China with her parents to get her baby sister. 

Antonia soon discovers her Mei Mei is not everything she imagined. “She couldn’t walk. She couldn’t talk. She couldn’t play. She took all the attention away from me.” Despite their relationship getting off to a difficult start they soon grow closer. Ed Young based the story on his own experience of when his family adopted a second child from China.

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