The Name Jar Activities and Comprehension Questions

The Name Jar Activities and Comprehension Questions

Read on for The Name Jar activities and comprehension questions to teach different literacy skills and promote self-acceptance and open-mindedness.

In The Name Jar by Yangsook Choi, Unhei wants to choose an American name but decides she likes her Korean name the best, so she chooses it again. The themes of the book include:
– Be true to yourself and be proud of who you are.
– Your name is your identity.

The Name Jar is a great book to teach:

Scroll down for The Name Jar activities, discussion questions and videos.

The Name Jar Summary

Unhei (pronounced ‘Yoon-hye’) and her family move from South Korea to America. Before they leave, her grandmother gives her a traditional wooden name stamp.

Unhei is nervous and scared as she waits for the bus on the first day at her new school. The children on the bus tease her because they can’t pronounce her name. Unhei worries her new classmates will also make fun of her.

Unhei’s new teacher asks her to introduce herself to the other students. She tells them she hasn’t picked an American name yet. The only problem is that she doesn’t know what name to choose.

Her classmates decide they want to help Unhei find a new name, so they make a name jar. They add different names for her to choose from, but none of them seems quite right for her.

On the day she is going to pick her name, the name jar mysteriously disappears, but Unhei reveals her name anyway. She tells her classmates her name is Unhei, revealing she likes her name just the way it is.

The Name Jar by Yangsook Choi
Illustrator: Yangsook Choi
Publisher: Dragonfly Books (2003)
ISBN: 9780440417996

Take a look inside 

Yangsook Choi Official Website

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The Name Jar Activities & Resources

I have created literacy graphic organizers for The Name Jar. You can find them at my Teachers Pay Teachers store. There are many activities for each literacy area to differentiate depending on your student’s ability/age. They include activities for:

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The Name Jar Activities & Links

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The Name Jar Read-Aloud Questions

Read aloud sessions are a wonderful way for children to understand the connection between written text and spoken language. You can model reading habits and strategies, reading fluency, tone and eye contact. You can also introduce different genres, authors and illustrators.

  • What do you think Yangsook Choi wants us to learn from reading The Name Jar?
  • What did you learn from reading The Name Jar? What connections did you make to the story?
  • Describe the problem faced by Unhei and how she solved it.
  • How does Yangsook Choi show Unhei’s emotions throughout the book?
  • Why was the gift from her grandmother important to Unhei?
  • Why do you think children on the bus teased Unhei?
  • How could the children on the bus have reacted more positively?
  • Do people have trouble pronouncing your name? How do you feel and what do you do to help them with the pronunciation?
  • Do you know the meaning of your name and why your parents chose it?
  • What name would you choose if you could change it? Why?
  • How did Unhei’s feelings towards her name change throughout the story?
  • How do Unhei’s new classmates make her feel welcome?
  • How do the attitudes of the children on the bus and in the classroom differ?
  • Why was Joey a special friend to Unhei?
  • Why do some people change their birth name?

You can find a full set of discussion cards in The Name Jar Literacy Bundle or as a separate pack.

The Name Jar Videos

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The Name Jar Activities and Comprehension Questions

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