Neon Leon

Title: Neon Leon
Author: Jane Clarke
Illustrator: Britta Teckentrup
Publisher: Nosy Crow (2018)
ISBN: 9780857638076

Leon is a neon orange chameleon who doesn’t blend into the green background of his home. While the other chameleons change to match their surrounding, Leon stays orange. Even when they visit a sandy desert or grey, rocky mountains he stays orange. This is much to the annoyance of the other chameleons as Leon’s glow stops them sleeping. A sad Leon leaves to find somewhere he will fit in. 

He finds a flock of matching birds, but they soon fly off leaving Leon alone. “But what’s that over there in the corner of the page? Could it be something… orange?” At last Leon finds the perfect place for him and not just because he blends into the orange background. He finds another orange chameleon and “it’s the perfect match.”

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