Oliver Jeffers in Manchester

Oliver Jeffers in Manchester

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I had the pleasure of seeing Oliver Jeffers at Waterstones in Manchester as part of his Here We Are book tour. As a teacher librarian, I have organised many author visits so I loved being an audience member and not behind the scenes!
Jeffers bounded into the room to talk to a room of 100 children and adults. He gave background to his career as an illustrator and how he gets inspiration for his books. The idea for Stuck came from a real event when Jeffers got a kite stuck in a tree. His attempts to release the kite didn’t quite escalate as far as Floyd’s attempts to reclaim his kite!
I purchased a copy for my niece and nephew and waited to get it signed. I also got my old copy of This Moose Belongs to Me signed, a book I nominated for the 2014 Japanese Sakura Medal programme.
Oliver Jeffers in Manchester

Review: Here We Are

The last part of the session was about Oliver Jeffers new book – Here We Are. His inspiration behind Here We Are was his new son and his need to introduce him to “the big globe, floating in space, on which we live”. The non-fiction book is a departure from his earlier works, but Jeffers distinct illustrations make it instantly recognisable. The handwritten facts throughout the book are a gentle plea to care for the planet and each other. “People come in many shapes, sizes and colours. We may all look different, act different and sound different… but don’t be fooled, we are all people.” Here We Are is a charming book with a message of acceptance, tolerance and our responsibility to look after the planet.
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