Once Upon an Ordinary School Day

Once Upon an Ordinary School Day

Title: Once Upon an Ordinary School Day
Author: Colin McNaughton
Illustrator: Satoshi Kitamura
Publisher: Anderson Press (2005)
ISBN: 9781842704691
“Once upon an ordinary school day, an ordinary boy woke from his ordinary dreams… and set off for his ordinary school.” This ordinary boy thought ordinary thoughts as he walked along the ordinary street to school. While sitting at his ordinary desk an extraordinary man walked into the classroom. He was the new teacher. “I want you to listen to some music and I want you to let the music make pictures in your head.” The children thought he was a little crazy. After the music stops, they had all seen different images in their head. Asked to write what they had seen the ordinary boy couldn’t write fast enough and his words came flooding out. “It was extraordinary.” That night the ordinary boy went to sleep in his ordinary bed “and had extraordinary dreams.”

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