Picture Books to Inspire Acts of Kindness

Picture Books to Inspire Acts of Kindness

Picture Books to
Inspire Acts of Kindness

Acts of kindness are simple but powerful action for the giver and receiver. Roald Dahl said “I think probably kindness is my number one attribute in a human being. I’ll put it before any of the things like courage or bravery or generosity or anything else.” I totally agree! But it isn’t always natural for children to be kind because the world revolves around them!! Well, that’s what they think!

If we want children to show unprompted kindness adults need to model kindness for them to learn from. They need to be on the receiving end of such actions so they can understand its power.

Acts of Kindness Activities

Try some of these activities to encourage kindness in children.

  • Donate old toys and clothes to a local charity, shelter or church collection.
  • Set aside a proportion of pocket money or collect spare change to donate to charity.
  • Write a kind note for a family member, teacher, coach, etc to let them know how much you appreciate them and why.
  • Why not bake treats for someone who helps in the community, a teacher, police and fire officers, nurses?
  • Give up your spare time and volunteer at an animal shelter, nursing home or food bank. Find out who needs help in your community.
  • For nature lovers, place a bird feeder in your garden and make your own bird seed.
  • Pick up rubbish in your local area.

These acts of kindness will help children interact and engage with the world around them in a compassionate and empathetic way.

What may be the most difficult aspect for children to embrace is that we don’t need recognition for kindness. The end goal is for children to be naturally kind with nothing in return. Though this can be hard for adults too!!

The book recommendations below show characters in different situations where they providing kindness or on the receiving end of kind acts.

Acts of Kindness Picture Books

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The Big Umbrella by Amy June Bates

“By the door there is an umbrella. It is big. It is so big that when it starts to rain there is room for everyone underneath. It doesn’t matter if you are tall. Or plaid. Or hairy. It doesn’t matter how many legs you have. Don’t worry that there won’t be enough room under the umbrella. Because there will always be room.” Simon & Schuster

A Chair for My Mother by Vera Williams

“After their home is destroyed by a fire, Rosa, her mother, and grandmother save their coins to buy a really comfortable chair for all to enjoy. A Chair for My Mother has sold more than a million copies and is an ideal choice for reading and sharing at home and in the classroom.” Greenwillow Books

Do you have any favourite picture books to promote kindness in your classroom or at home? Let me know in the comments below. It would be great to have a selection of recommended books to choose from when I update this post.

You can also check out other related posts on Children’s Library Lady below. Finally, you will find some more kindness related books, including non fiction, from Amazon.

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