Step by Step Tutorial for Printing on Post-It Notes

Step by Step Tutorial for Printing on Post-It Notes (Plus Free Template!)

Printing on Post-It Notes is a great way for teachers to save time or deliver lessons in different ways. Follow the step by step directions below and get the free template.

Step by Step Tutorial for Printing on Post-It Notes

Printing on Post-It Notes

Knowing how to print on Post-It Notes is handy for many teachers, whether it is because you hate to rewrite notes or you want to inspire your students by doing activities or assessments in a different way. Canva is a wonderful tool to use for your classroom resources. I have used it for years and love to create unique and personalised notes specific to my needs.

As I was working on my latest Teachers Pay Teachers resource I decided to add an inference resource using Post-It Notes. This is why I have made a shareable template in Canva.

You need a free Canva or pro account to use the templates. Once you have accessed the templates you can edit without changing the original.

Post-It Notes has a huge selection of resources for educators and you can buy Post-It Notes from Amazon.

You can use any printer to print on sticky notes. I use an HP Envy printer with Instant Ink. My printer is a few years old and still going strong. This printer is the most comparable with my printer which has been a wonderful purchase.

>>> A4 or US Letter Templates <<<

Tutorial for Printing on Post-It Notes


  1. I have created templates for A4 and US Letter size, in Canva. You can use these templates to create your own post-it note designs.
    You can always find the templates in the Free Resources Library.
  2. Click on the links and you will see a template created by Kirsten Gallagher. At the bottom, click on ‘Use Template’ and Canva will make a completely new version for you to edit straight away.
  3. You will see two templates, one for 3×3” and 2×2” post-it notes.
    Buy Post-It Notes from Amazon

>>> Buy Post-It Notes from Amazon <<<


  1. First of all, it is a good idea to rename the template.
  2. Then duplicate the first page by clicking on the  icon on the top right-hand side above each page.
  3. In the video, I use the second page to work on and leave page 1 as the blank template.
  4. Use the options on the left hand side, including Elements and Fonts to create your design. In the video, I am searching for FREE speech bubbles. There are loads more options if you have the Canva Pro Account.
  5. Make sure your design fits inside the box.
  6. Once you are finished, remove the boxes from around the design so you are left with only your design.

Canva Design Help
Getting started with Canva
A step-by-step guide to designing from scratch


  1. Once you are happy with your design you are ready to print.
  2. At the top right hand side of Canva you will see the download button .
  3. Select to print pages 1 & 2 and click DONE and then click DOWNLOAD and they will download as a pdf file.


  1. Print the blank template first.
  2. Click File → Print.
  3. Under the pages options enter 1-1 to only print off the blank page.


  1. Stick the post-it notes onto the blank template. Peel the notes from the side of the sticky edge this way the notes will stick flat.

    >>> Buy Post-It Notes from Amazon <<<

  2. Make sure the sticky side is at the top so will go into the printer first. If the notes are upside down or sideways you will have a printer jam.


  1. Place this sheet in the printer tray. Check your printer for whether the paper needs to go right side up on upside down.
  2. When printing on Post-It Notes make sure the sticky edge goes into the printer first otherwise you will end up with a paper jam.
  3. Go back to the PDF file and this time print only page 2.
  4. Hopefully, you will have a set of 6 post-it notes of your design.


  1. Remove the sticky notes from the blank template so you can use it again.. You can then print more or go back and change your design.
  2. If the design doesn’t work out the first time just try again.

What Next?

Printing on sticky notes can save you time by making:

  • Personalised notes
  • Reminders
  • To-do lists
  • Goals
  • Notes of encouragement
  • Checklist
  • Journal prompts

Once you get started you will find loads of ways you can use personalised Post-It Notes.

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Step by Step Tutorial for Printing on Post-It Notes

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