Problem Solver Book List & Resources

Problem Solver Book List

Problem Solver Book List & Resources

The problem solver book list below shows determined characters facing a problem and figuring out a solution. They explore the enthusiasm and empowerment of people who effectively figure things out. Problem-solving activities build critical thinking, interpersonal and independence skills. They also have real-world applications.

Problem Solver Book List

Further Reading


These resources relate to the book, author and illustrator. The number of resources varies subject to subject. Please check they are appropriate for your specific needs before using them with children. If you have any suggestions please get in touch!

General Information
Early Childhood Australia: Inquiry-based learning
Edutopia: Inquiry-Based Learning: The Power of Asking the Right Questions
Healthy Families Beyond Blue: Solving Problems
Psychology Today: Teaching Children to Think
Educational Articles and Lesson Plans
Centre for Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation: Teaching Problem Solving
Nestle Healthy Active Kids: Problem-solving lesson

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We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.

Albert Einstein

More Books to Explore

The Children’s Library Lady has over 450 picture books on large variety of topics. You will find specific book, author and illustrator information, as well as resources. You can also browse themed books lists and explore all the books on the website. Click on the book covers below to start exploring what the website has to offer.

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Problem Solver Book List

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