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Are you looking for an engaging way to teach reading comprehension strategies? Look no further! Help your students strengthen their comprehension skills while digging deeper into I Am Enough by Grace Byers with this comprehensive set of activities. 

The I Am Enough literacy activities are fun, easy to use, differentiated, and specifically connected to the book through imagery and quotes. 

The worksheets are open-ended, so your students can work at their own level, and you can assess their understanding.

I Am Enough promotes acceptance, self-esteem and resilience and reflects on themes of self-esteem and self-worth, as the book celebrates children for who they are and positive relationships.

These themes are reinforced further with I Am Enough read-aloud questions for you to use before, during and after reading the book. Try some of the I Am Enough questions in your classroom today by visiting this blog post.

Prep is quick and easy. Just print the student pages you need, and you are ready to deliver fun and engaging lessons! All you need to prepare is the book!

Your students will love practicing comprehension skills in engaging ways, engaging in active and meaningful discussions, working on challenging but achievable activities suitable for different abilities, making connections with their own experiences and playing cut-and-stick activities and games.


  • Activities explore the character traits in I Am Enough and anchor chart labels.
  • The read-aloud questions come as a list, individual cards and as sticky note templates. The I Am Enough questions include inference, prediction, making connections, point of view, character traits and much more!
  • I Am Enough inferring and predicting activities.
  • Main idea and theme with specific examples related to I Am Enough.
  • Making connections to the themes and actions in I Am Enough, including text-to-self, text-to-text, and text-to-world.
  • Point of view activities related to the characters, author and narrator of I Am Enough.
  • I Am Enough retelling and sequencing activities with text and visual images, including black and white and colored versions.


Each comprehension skill has activities with different difficulty levels, so all you have to do is choose the best pages for your student’s needs.

Many of the I Am Enough activities have boxes your students can respond to with text or illustrations, depending on their ability.


This I Am Enough book companion is a supplemental product. You can choose the most relevant pages for your needs and the ability and understanding of your students.

The purple text on the ‘Teacher Notes’ pages is specific to the book, for example, ideas for sequencing and the main idea and theme.

The I Am Enough book activities and questions and activities are opinion based and open-ended for easy differentiation.

Please ask any questions before purchasing.


“I really enjoyed using this resource. There were so many options to choose from for this one book. I could’ve used this resource for a month plus. Great job!” Melinda

“I enjoyed this resource as an activity with the book. I also enjoy how this works on students' self-awareness and builds self-esteem.” Megan

“There are SO MANY different things to use in this one resource all focused around this amazing book. I loved using this with my class.” Lindsay

“We used this book in 2nd grade. I had never seen the book before so this was a great resource to go along with teaching the book.” Jennifer

“This resource was amazing in my self-contained autism classroom to support students with their specialized learning needs.” Lukus

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