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Make teaching reading skills fun with these engaging and differentiated activities for Voices in the Park by Anthony Browne! This resource includes NO-PREP graphic organizers covering more than 10 different comprehension skills perfect for centers, assessments or sub-planning.

Your students will love digging deeper into Voices in the Park book while developing their comprehension skills. The activities are open-ended, so they can work at their own level, and you can assess their understanding.

Voices in the Park activities were also created so your students can reflect that people see the world in different ways and have their own points of view of the same events.

This is reinforced further by Voices in the Park read-aloud discussion questions for you to use before, during and after reading the book.

Here’s what you’ll get (find the contents page in the preview!):

– Asking Questions

– Author’s Purpose

– Cause and effect, including games related to the cause and effect in the book.

– Character traits and analysis, including anchor chart labels.

– Discussion questions as a list, individual cards and sticky notes

– Compare & Contrast; including Venn diagrams

– Inferring and Predicting; including specific book-related scenarios.

– Main Idea and Theme; including examples for the book

– Making Connections (text-to-self, text-to-text, text-to-world)

– Point of View of characters, author and narrator

– Problem and Solution

– Retelling & Sequencing; including visual images

– Summarizing

– Book-related vocabulary activities

– Wring prompts

– Book-themed writing paper

Prep is quick and easy… Just print the student pages you need, and you are ready to deliver fun and engaging lessons! All you need to prepare is the book!


This book companion is a supplemental product. You can choose the most relevant pages for your needs and the ability and understanding of your students.

The purple text on the ‘Teacher Notes’ pages is specific to the book. These ideas are my interpretation but will give you a head start.

The questions and activities are opinion based, so there are NO answer keys. The activities were designed to be open-ended for easy differentiation.

Please ask any questions before purchasing.


“Great resource to use with this mentor text. My students were very engaged using these activities.” Susan

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This product is for individual single-classroom use only. Copying, altering, redistributing, editing, or re-selling anything from this product is strictly forbidden.

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