36 Children’s Books for the IB Learner Profile Reflective Trait

36 Children's Books for the IB Learner Profile Reflective Trait

Discover wonderful picture books that support the IB learner profile reflective trait. Being reflective involves giving thoughtful consideration to our actions, and analysing personal strengths and weakness.

36 Children's Books for the IB Learner Profile Reflective Trait

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Self-Reflection Books for IB Learner Profile

According to the IB learner profile reflective students “thoughtfully consider the world and [their] own ideas and experience. [They] work to understand [their] strengths and weaknesses in order to support [their] learning and personal development.”

Reflection helps your students consider their actions, behaviour and learning. They can analyse personal strengths and weaknesses, including interpersonal skills and academic growth. Encouraging your students to reflect promotes an attitude of lifelong learning and academic development.

Your students can transfer the process of reflection to their behaviour and actions that involve family, friends and the wider community. Having time to be reflective helps your students focus and modify their actions and work attitudes.

In a previous post, Resources for Teaching Reflection in the Elementary Classroom, I put together a collection of picture books, videos and online resources.

Reflective: Learner Profile Graphic Organisers

You can find my pack of Reflective graphic organizers on Teachers Pay Teachers. Click on the image to see a preview of what is included.

Self-Reflection Books in the Classroom

These self-reflection books show characters developing an awareness of themselves and going through the reflection process. Share them with your class to inspire them to:

  • reflect on their actions, learning and behaviour to modify  future choices
  • ask questions of themselves to make positive changes
  • implement improvements to help them grow academically and socially
  • take action to improve the world around them
  • reflect on how their actions affect others

Books for the IB Learner Profile Reflective Trait

Reflective Discussion Questions

  • How did [character] change throughout the book?
  • Did [character] consider how their actions or behaviour would affect others? How could they act more positively?
  • What were [character’s] strengths and weaknesses?
  • Did [character] reflect on the consequences of their actions? Would they have acted differently?
  • What lesson did [character] learn? Do you think they have better self-awareness?
  • How could [character] reflect on their behaviour and improve?
  • What previous knowledge did [character] use in the story? How did it help them?
  • How did [character] deal with feeling [scared, anxious, etc.]?
  • What was the most important or relevant moment in the story? Why?
  • What do you think [character] learnt about themselves by the end of the book? How do you think they will use this knowledge in the future?
  • What factors prevented [character] from being successful?
  • Explain how [character] could have done things differently for a better outcome?
  • Is there anything [character] should do differently next time? Why?

What Next?

What did you think of the suggested self-reflection books? Do you have any other suggestions I can add to this list? Let me know in the comments below! 

Remember to check out Resources for Teaching Reflection in the Elementary Classroom.

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