List of the Best Resources for School Diversity Week

Fabulous Resources for School Diversity Week

List of the Best Resources
for School Diversity Week

School Diversity Week (2-5 July 2018) celebrates LGBT+ equality in education. Organised by charity Just Like Us the event supports empowerment to challenge LGBT+ prejudices. 

“Just Like Us was founded for a simple reason: growing up LGBT+ is still one of the most challenging experiences young people can face. We believe the best way to support LGBT+ young people is to make sure they hear powerful positive messages about being LGBT+ from other LGBT+ young people, just a little older and little wiser.” (Just Like Us) Just Like Us provides advice to schools and a free teacher toolkit.

I have selected four great LGBT+related books to highlight. Scroll to the bottom of the page for additional books on identity.

You can discover wonderful picture books by browsing more lists on the website. You can also follow the Children’s Library Lady on TwitterFacebook, Instagram and Pinterest for updates.

School Diversity Week Resources

Recommended Books for
School Diversity Week

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Fabulous Resources for School Diversity Week

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